Babylon Leith, Former Bingo Hall, Cinema in Edinburgh

January 28 – February 3 2002

Bingo Hall Leith: Refurbishment, Great Junction Street Building

News for January 28 – February 3 2002

Former bingo hall and cinema in Leith is set to be reopen as a massive Egyptian-themed nightspot. More than £3 million is being spent refurbishing the building in Great Junction St, Leith – Leith Bingo Hall.
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Wave Goodbye
Waverley Station redevelopment:
Waverley Station
photograph © Adrian Welch
Edinburgh architects are no doubt wary about speaking publicly re this project as many will be interested in entering the competition: but new reports suggest there may be no competition. Air your views.
31.01.02 – 02.02.02

Waverley Station
photograph © Adrian Welch
Martin Hulse outlines the emerging situation:
Those of you who have stood giddily on North Bridge surveying one of the best opportunities that will exist to exercise your creative genius had better calm down and do some normal work for a while. The claim that Waverley will be subject to an architectural competition appears to be unfounded at the present moment. I am not sure how the Evening News came up with the story but that none of the national papers had picked up on the issue aroused my suspicions.

Railtrack are still spending a great deal of time in examining the technical issue of track and signal layout. There are also a great deal of negotiations to be held with the SRA and the Scottish Executive over capacity and funding of a new station. I will fill you in as more details emerge”.
Waverley: has Edinburgh learnt from the past?

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Debate Update
Charles McKean’s text added: Big Debate

New Award – Best Building in Scotland
£25,000 prize donated by Andrew Doolan and Point Hotel

Shots of the recently-completed Greenbank church extension by Lee Boyd Ltd:
Greenbank church
photograph © Adrian Welch

Shots of the recently-refurbished Bonnington House by Lee Boyd Ltd:

The company overseeing the regeneration of the Waterfront has sought planning permission to demolish parts of the Madelvic factory building at Granton, and return it to its original 1898 state.”
Madelvic Edinburgh PR

Filling in the gaps
Public sector homes not being built fast enough to keep up with growing population: Edinburgh Housing page

Making the gaps
Demolition commenced this week on Craigmillar North: this is the end of an era for a huge swathe of mostly four-storey blocks in a highly deprived area.

holyrood offices
image © Adrian Welch
Tun grand opening: The Tun Edinburgh was opened by Sir David Steel on the third floor, soon to be taken by The British Council, complete with spartan materials and thin sliver of mezzanine.

The restaurant is still unlet (what a view from the terrace) but shimmered under a host of candle lights. The stairs are bold, red-painted with fair-faced concrete, decorated with black aesthetically-pleasing radiators and grilled balustrades complete with sensuous wap-a-round metal plates. The building is rudely unclad inside, with ceilings hanging out a la Ben Kelly and raw lumps of concrete for the mezzanine stair tops.

Apex Hotel
Ian Springford Architects have just finished refurbishing the restaurant on the top floor of the Apex International and the Apex City Hotel [old Uberior House building in the Grassmarket] is underway and due to open mid-summer:
apex city hotel
picture from architect

All Square
Charlotte Square
photograph © Adrian Welch
Curious proposal for Parliament in Charlotte Square reported in The Scotsman

The storms of Monday 28th seemed to have not caused too much major structural damage. At one point whole areas of the city were cordoned off including the National Portrait Gallery and Charlotte Square’s Register House area. Many building sites were closed such as the Parliament one. Flashings were reported to be blown off the Scottish Widows building and numerous buildings lost slates.

Oloroso opens and has the makings of an Edinburgh institution

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