Newbridge, West Lothian

Dec 31 2001 – Jan 6 2002

Newbridge Project: Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop Architects

Newbridge: Development
picture from the architect
Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop Architects are hopeful of their Newbridge Project being granted an approval: this key West Lothian job creation goes to Committee on 9 Jan with a recommendation for approval for Outline Planning Permission

Edinburgh Area Architects
Edinburgh Architects
The contacts page has been considerably amended: a new section for ALL Edinburgh area* architects has been included due to demand, and also as a way of achieving the funding target. Details are listed for a fee of £40 per annum sponsorship

Remember this?
The Arts Council of England has granted £275,000 of Lottery money to turn Manchester’s bid to build an architecture centre into a reality". My former tutor Stephen Hodder claimed, "It’s a relatively small project but its significance is crucial for the profession in Manchester".
AJ, 3 October 1996

and this?
South East of England Development Agency is to use its new-found funding flexibility to roll out a chain of architecture centres across Kent. The role of an architecture centre is to act as an interface across the whole region and because of the size of this region, one is just not enough"
BD, 23 March, 2001

Gizmos & Gadgets
Article in The Scotsman re spiritual aspects of the future house:
"Adrian Welch who runs the stimulating site, is frustrated by the emphasis on potential intelligence of appliances. "People are increasingly interested in spiritual things and yet there are no conversations over, for example, what will be the new hearth? Perhaps we live in a society obsessed with gizmos. John Pawson, influential British exponent of minimalism, has scathingly stated: "People have a healthy resistance to gadgets."

Parliament Asset
The most significant public building in Scotland’s recent history is taking shape at Holyrood. The new Scottish Parliament building will be as important for Scotland as the Sydney Opera House is for Australia.

EAA Awards
New Awards at EAA Awards where judges find excellence in such matters as sustainability or Art in Architecture.

Cowgate Hotel
The Catholic Church has won an appeal to build a controversial hotel in the grounds of an 18th-century Edinburgh church after the Scottish Executive overruled city councillors.

"Dynamic, Modern city"? Yes please
Donald Anderson, leader of Edinburgh City Council, said: The challenge now is to keep improving our city…The city achieved a 90.87 per cent satisfaction rating, above London, Paris and Rome…We must have a new Waverley…We must improve the streetscape. Major work on Princes Street can be delayed no longer.

Emerging Exodus
More than 1100 private Edinburgh homes were completed in the Capital last year compared with 424 housing association homes. The statistics also showed a fall in public housing being built.

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Scottish Poetry Library
Scottish Poetry Library
photograph © Keith Hunter

Canongate Kirk
Canongate Kirk
photo © Adrian Welch

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