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Edinburgh News in June 2003

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Edinburgh Building News in June 2003

The Mal
Edinburgh Castles
picture from the architect
Malmaison Edinburgh Review

23 Annandale Street
Invited viewing last night of CDA’s development for mill|X (Applecross, selling agents are Rettie) of flats, maisonettes and penthouses at Annandale Street, valued at over £13m, with fifty-six properties.

Britain’s Best Homes
Bonnington House – Britain’s Best Home?
‘Jacobean House’, one of the award winning projects Lee Boyd have been involved in, reached the final of ‘Britain’s Best Home’ on Channel 4, after winning the listed building category.

Haymarket Transport Interchange
Grade A listed Haymarket Station is facing the threat of demolition under plans to create a new transport hub in the west of the city.

Steel Butterfly
Derelict former steelworks in Edinburgh set to be turned into a new city quarter: Eastgate

For Sale
A Little House on Blackford Hill – 32 Charterhall Road, Blackford
see Modern Houses

Flying Scotsman
Flying Scotsman to develop £2m centre at Waverley Station for the locomotive.

Housing shortage, Geenbelt attack, Brownfield allocation:
Scotland faces a housing crisis over the next decade as the number of new homes built falls 70,000 short of demand…Eileen Masterman, chief executive of HFS, said it was now time to challenge the “sanctity” of the green belt around Scotland’s major cities and towns…The new structure plan for Edinburgh and the Lothians to be passed to Scottish Executive ministers for approval this week says plans for housing on brownfield sites should always be given priority. But Masterman argued that 80% of all new houses were being built on brownfield sites, which could not be sustained forever. The National Association of Estate Agents also supports more release of greenfield sites around the edges of cities and in the countryside.

With a key SRA meeting having taken place last week and an announcement due 30.06.03, at the Scottish Executive’s Thistle Hotel event re Waverley, the Summer Editorial’s feature on Waverley has been augmented: unquestionably the station need a major overhaul. The question is ‘how’, not ‘when’.

RIBA Awards 2003
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) tonight celebrated Scottish architecture by giving RIBA Awards to eight buildings across Scotland

Yes Prime Minister

Buredi have been short leeted for the PM’s Award for public buildings for the Tron Nursery by Allan Murray Architects

Images are shown on the glasgow news page from the Lighthouse’s RE:Motion Exhibition at the Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale, being held in Holland at present. The Exhibition, curated by The Lighthouse & designed by Graven Images, includes exhibition material by:

Gross Max
Gareth Hoskins Architects
Dualchas Building Design
Bennetts Associates
McKeown Alexander
Page & Park
Sutherland Hussey Architects

Botanics Shortlist
remaining four architects for Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Gateway:
Ted Cullinan . Michael Hopkins . Richard Murphy . Wilkinson Eyre

Bar Refurb
The Iguana bar in Edinburgh’s Bristo Square will reopen as Assembly. The brains behind the redesign is architect Kerr Blyth, whose other projects in the Capital include the Opal Lounge and Halo Edinburgh.

westport words

westport conversation + link

city palette

royal infirmary contrary view

alan dunlop responds letter
andy stoane replies letter
alan dunlop replies letter

summer brush
books brushed up

spring clean
old town, environs, new town tours refurbished as we enter summer:
principally, the full insertion of granton into environs

emotion – edinburgh
Princes St Gardens
picture from the architect
“Sutherland Hussey Architects’ exhibit (above) is part of the Lighthouse’s RE:Motion Exhibition at the Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale, being held in Holland at present.
The Exhibition, curated by The Lighthouse & designed by Graven Images, includes work by McKeown Alexander, Page & Park, Sutherland Hussey Architects’ exhibit looks at the sustainability of future modes of transport within Edinburgh”.

issued by Sutherland Hussey Architects
also exhibiting:
Gross Max
Gareth Hoskins Architects
Dualchas Building Design
Bennetts Associates

RIAS Press Release

Gordon Murray
picture from the architect
The new RIAS President, Gordon Murray, has called for architects to form alliances with professionals from many disciplines operating within and outside the construction industry.
In his comment article in the current edition of Prospect magazine, Scotland’s oldest and foremost architectural magazine, Gordon Murray writes of architects forming “alliances with management consultants, engineers, marketing specialists and other creatives to become change managers” but he also believes that, “we can collaborate with groups outside the industry like Shelter or Greenpeace or industrialists and lateral thinkers…”

In Prospect Gordon Murray also urges architects not to undervalue the intellectual property of their design solutions.

“The industry innovates daily at some levels but true innovation implies risk and we are, as with most professions, risk averse. Yet we spend so much time and effort, often at risk and to the benefit of others and even more effort trying to get paid. The risk that we take in the early stages where we can add significant value or actually make the project happen…but we undervalue this intellectual property. How then can others be expected to value them?”

In his inaugural speech at the RIAS Convention in Stirling on 9 May, the President reiterates the importance of architects as “enablers for the built environment – creative thinkers whose intellectual property is currency”.

Airport Carport
A £20m multi-storey car park is to be built at Edinburgh Airport to help cope with soaring passenger numbers.

BAE Silverknowes
BAE Systems handing over buildings on one of its sites for demolition.

St George Hotel, Dunbar
This derelict hotel on Dunbar High Street, is set to be refurbished. New owners are reported to be in negotiation with planners over its proposed function. It is likely to be converted into flats, planning permission having been granted some time ago.

Tangram Scandinavia
new Tangram furniture outlet, focused on Scandinavian products, 3 Jeffrey St 04.06.03

Chancellor’s Court
Pollock Halls of Residence PR
The first phase was successfully handed over in Sep 2002. Further phases are on going until completion in Aug 2003.

Edinburgh University department is set to rise from the ashes of the Old Town fire with a £50m Informatics Research Centre in Crichton Street car park.

Scottish Design Awards
announced 30 May
Architecture Grand Prix
Radisson Hotel Glasgow – Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop
Chairman’s Award for Architecture
Maggie’s Centre Glasgow – Page & Park Architects
Architect of the Year
Malcolm Fraser, Malcolm Fraser Architects
Scottish Design Awards – Full Results

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