Edinburgh News in Aug 2005, Scottish Building Developments, Architecture Photos

Edinburgh News August 2005

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Edinburgh Building News in August 2005

Architecture Debate
Discussion forums are aplenty but the dialogue tends towards soundbite carping and incrowd chat enter a forum with a differance
we kick off with a piece on iconic architecture
stimulate the debate – 9 texts online
latest 22.08.05 on olympics site londonStunning Tower
New rendering of PagePark Architects’ Dixon Tower

Glasgow Bridge
New Model of Glasgow Bridge by Richard Rogers / Atkins unveiled 180805, “providing an icon that will instantaneously be identified with Glasgow”

Scottish Construction Students – Workshop
Lauder College by RMJM – ECOSpace

Falkirk Wheel lighting by Scottish company

Royal Scottish Academy Architecture Show including Richard Murphy Architects’ latest Edinburgh Filmhouse model
Edinburgh Council Planning Committee approved Richard Murphy Architects’ proposals for Cala/MAB for approx 300 flats on the Trinity Park site, north Edinburgh: Ferry Road Flats

City Design Champion Lectures
Speaker Wayne Hemmingway @ Royal Museum of Scotland
22 Sep

Fettes Row
Reiach and Hall + Oberlanders Fettes Row terraces now unveiled: images online

The almost complete Circus Lane house (10A, so-called Japanese house) by Richard Murphy – more images online

Dean Bank Lane
Recent images of another Richard Murphy housing project: Dean Bank Lane

Danish Additions
Recent Images of Illums Bolinghus, Jarmers Plads, etc. added
Copenhagen Architecture

H&M Store
Former C&A + Jays Dept. Store, Princes St:
Image of 3D Architects‘ building from 190805

Trip to Frozen Kilt does it
Scottish Executive PR
Scotland’s building design professionals have given the thumbs up to the Scottish Executive’s policy on architecture, Minister for Tourism, Culture & Sport Patricia Ferguson said today.

Announcing publication of a survey conducted by MORI, the Minister said that 90 per cent of design professionals who responded agreed with all of the Executive’s architecture policies.

Following a visit to the award-wining Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Dundee, Ms Ferguson said: “Last year we surveyed public awareness of Scotland’s built environment. The results were encouraging and suggest the public consider buildings to be an important part of our culture and identity.

“It also provides valuable pointers that inform decisions the Executive makes about its policy on architecture. “I’m pleased that our architects and designers support our policies on architecture. We must all work together to maintain and develop our built environment to benefit everyone in Scotland.”

ASP 2005
The RIAS has developed a new standard form of appointment appropriate for use on small projects – details online soon

New Hearts Stadium to be designed by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas in the shape of a flower

Edinburgh Airport Control Tower

Allan Murray Hotel
AMA’s £4m George IV Bridge hotel for Mound Property Company in for planning: located in former Lothian Regional Council building (Robert Matthew)

Reiach and Hall School
£700k Primary for St George’s School for Girls: details soon

Tall Buildings
With the first Study on Edinburgh’s tall buildings underway since the 1968 Holford Report we carry an article on UK Tall Buildings Policy

East of Scotland New Town
Many years after the six Scottish New Towns came to fruition – Cumbernauld, Livingston, etc. – East Lothian Local Plan’s New Town is approved: Blindwells

Stirling Parliament
Scottish Parliament – as expected – is shortlisted for Stirling Prize
Update 6 Aug: The McLaren building now in lead at 11/4 with Parliament and Bennett’s Library second equal on 3/1 [source: bestbetting]

ASA Launch
Aberdeen Society of Architects launch new website

Page Park: UK Top 5
Building Magazine Jul 29: Page Park current project value listed as fifth in UK
Images added to the page on their recent Maggies Highlands

A lovely little exhibition (it would have to be, it’s at the RIAS) using great photography of striking buildings simply set out on large black boards, with models located central to the gallery: John Pelan was the curator and has pulled together an exhibition that effectively communicates Scottish Architecture to the Festival crowd; not only that, his speech at the Private View – and Mary Wrenn’s welcome – was to the point and moving: the best exhibition since Festival 2001!
RIAS Festival Fringe Exhibition

Architecture in Scotland

Edinburgh Restaurants

Scottish National Portrait Gallery
St James Centre

Hearts Stadium

Quartermile Edinburgh

World Architects

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