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6 Ways to Plan an Event Like a Professional

2 Apr 2021

6 ways to plan an event like a professional

Events must be functional to be good, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design or aesthetics for the sake of operations. It’s entirely possible to create a high-design event that is both functional and beautiful — all you need is a few tips that interior designers and architects keep in mind when they’re designing layouts.

From concealing the less attractive functional aspects like A/V equipment to utilizing negative space to your advantage, here are the easiest ways to keep your event stylish and streamlined.

1. Conceal Functional Aspects

There are inevitable aspects of an event that you’ll need to include but aren’t necessarily design-centric. This includes wires for running audio and visual equipment signals from one place to the next, lights, and more.

You don’t need to expose these aspects to your guests — use raised access flooring (stratusmbs.com/raised-access-flooring – offline when checked April 27, 2024) to cover them up seamlessly and create a solid foundation to build the rest of your event on.

2. Create an Event Focal Point

A great way to bring people together around a particular area is to create a focal point for the event. This could be a statue, an art installation, a sign, or something similar. Consider using something that is a conversation starter so that your event attendees can mingle and discuss.

A great idea is to create something that would be easily shareable on social media. Some events have created a photo booth or a creative backdrop where people can quickly use to share where they are and what they’re doing.

3. Use the Building’s Architecture

Rather than working against some aspects of your building’s architecture, try to use them to your advantage. Got gorgeous pillars? Consider hanging your welcome sign between them. Is there an old stage? Deck it out and use it as one of your presenter stages! The less you are trying to un-do everything about the natural architecture, the more natural it will feel for your guests.

4. Utilize Negative Space

While you should certainly consider the equipment, furniture, and decor that you’ll use in the area, you should also think about the negative space you want to create for your event attendees. When it comes to events, the negative space is just as important as the positive. Your guests will need room to walk, sit, stand, talk, and more.

Don’t make them do it in a cramped space! For example, keep aisles wide and give chairs extra room so people can move them out as they stand up.

5. Build Creative Sight Lines

Think about the sightlines that your attendees will be gazing at throughout the event. When they are sitting down before speakers go on, what will they be looking at? When they’re standing in line at the lunch table, what’s right in front of them? Put yourself in their shoes and use signage, tasteful decor, or art to fill out the event space.

6. Don’t Miss Out on Measurements

Don’t run into last-minute problems because you didn’t double-check all of your measurements when planning the event. If possible, use software to create digital diagrams of the event space and create layouts online before bringing anything to life. The event venue you’re using may already have diagrams mapped out for event hosts like you, so don’t be afraid to ask!

6 ways to plan an event like a professional – Bottom Line

Every good event brings people together but also designed with guest satisfaction in mind. From embracing the natural architecture of your building to concealing unsightly details, these tips will ensure both a functional and beautiful event that everyone will love. Just give yourself plenty of time to prepare with a great team behind you!

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