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7 Assouline Books for your coffee table guide

30 Apr 2021

Founded by Prosper and Martine Assouline, this luxury brand of contemporary literature is an iconic name in the illustrated market. With their innovative ranges consisting of chic design, distinctive graphics and commitment to intellectual explorations of culture, Assouline books provide a tangible alternative to providing information in our digital age, with a source of inspiration and intrigue which truly stimulates the senses.

Judge A Book By Its Cover: 7 Assouline Books For Your Coffee Table

With vivid detail, Assouline books encapsulate the essence and heritage of some of the world’s most interesting and influential subjects, such as fashion, travel and gastronomy. By gifting them to your loved ones, or adding them to your decor, each book offers extensive knowledge and awe-inspiring illustrations, as well as an alluring ornament.

Below is a selection of some of the latest, most sought-after editions we recommend:



Dimensions: W 19.2 x L 27.6 x 2.2 cm. 192 pages. 200 illustrations. Materials: Paper, Hard cover with jacket.

Hotel Secrets

From Assouline’s The Luxury Collection series, Hotel Secrets is a mesmerising insider’s guide which details the world’s most incredible destinations. Their hidden hotspots, riveting histories, beautiful landscapes and outstanding architecture are divulged along with expert insights from travel connoisseurs.

Whether you’re seeking a getaway like no other or a brief escape to a remarkable paradise within the confines of your imagination, Hotel Secrets curates inextricable impressions of tantalising properties from around the globe.



Dimensions: W 28 x L 33 x 3.5 cm. 300 pages, over 200 illustrations. Materials: Paper, Cloth hardcover.

7 Assouline Books For Your Coffee Table St Tropez

One of the latest releases from Assouline, St.Tropez Soleil immerses the reader in the wonderful history of the coastal town of Saint-Tropez, from the momentous periods of its history to a vivid depiction of modern-day.

Find out how this picturesque landscape, encompassed by the shimmer of the French Riviera, has been known for – and continues to – attract some the world’s most artistic celebrities.


Dimensions: W 9.8 x L 13 x D 1.4 in. 272 pages. over 250 illustrations. Materials: Paper, Cloth hardcover.

7 Assouline Books For Your Coffee Table Capri Dolce Vita

Discover the island of Capri and how its rugged landscape is juxtaposed with affluent residential areas, in this magnificent Capri Dolce Vita book from Assouline.

Dating back to the peak of the Roman Empire, this resort island is celebrated as a modest paradise situated just off the Sorrento Peninsula in Italy’s Bay of Naples. Vivacious in its design, this book features over 200 exquisite illustrations and will make a radiant addition to your collection.


Presented in a linen hardcover book. Dimensions: 25cm x 33cm. Features 300 pages and over 200 illustrations.

Ibiza Bohemia

From bustling nightlife to serene yoga retreats, Ibiza is universally recognised for its hippie-chic ambience. This quintessential Mediterranean hotspot has consistently served as a safe-haven for some of the biggest creative icons for decades.

A hedonistic heaven which will emancipate you from the shackles of mundanity, Ibiza is a refreshing, reinvigorating location to reinvent oneself. Ibiza Bohemia is written by Maya Boyd, and complimented with beautiful photography by Renu Kashyap.


Dimensions: W 9.68 in x L 12.99 in x D 1.57 in, 300 pages | 200 illustrations. Hardcover with jacket.

Mykonos Muse

Located in the Cyclades and surrounded by the vigorous water of the Aegean sits whitewashed, windmill-strewn Mykonos, the island of the winds. Commonly referred to as the Ibiza of Greece, this ancient island has inhabited endless civilisations throughout history, as well as the setting of much Greek mythology and legend.

This remarkable book chronicles the culture and society that has established Mykonos as a utopian landscape over the past century, captivating its visitors including celebrities, travel tastemakers and merrymakers from around the world.

  1. PALM BEACH – £70

Dimensions, illustrations and Materials ae the same as for CAPRI DOLCE VITA noted further up this page.

7 Assouline Books For Your Coffee Table Palm Beach

Early in the 20th century, American industrialist Henry Morrison Flagler set his sights on the Southern coast of Florida and began developing an exclusive resort community that transpired into a luxurious haven for glamorous hideaways.

In this insightful volume from Assouline, a longtime resident and Palm Beach socialite, Aerin Lauder, divulges the wonders of life in Palm Beach. From popular restaurants to the most beautiful houses to the elite shopping of Worth Avenue and the spectacular walkways of the Lake Worth trail.


Details: 160 pages, 150 illustrations. Dimensions: W 7.55 x L 10.9 x D 0.78 in. Hardcover with Jacket.

Find out more about the lavish lifestyle of Palm Beach, Florida, USA, with the guidance of loyal visitor, Pamela Fiori, along with others who visit and live there, as they share with readers the heritage of this tropical paradise.

Delve deeper into the world of 5-Star hotels, amazing estates, fast cars, picturesque golf resorts and the very best shops, restaurants and bars. This insider’s guide offers a comprehensive, dream-inducing insight into life in Palm Beach, FL.


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