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Classic slots at online casino Australia

23 May 2023

Gaming sites today offer a wide variety of gambling games. Classic games are very popular on – find out more about them at online casino Australia below.

Classic slots at online casino Australia

The history of classic slot machines

The history of the classic video slot goes back to the 19th century when the first slot machines were installed in saloons in the Wild West. They were bulky devices that required you to pull a lever to start them. If you won, you would get a coin from the machine. Liberty Bell, designed by Charles Fey in 1895, is considered to be the first mechanical slot machine.

It consisted of 3 reels, a slot to receive coins and a handle to be pulled to start the game. Participants received payouts for identical pictures. The highest payout was for collecting 3 bells. Classic slots, presented in online casino Australia today, were created on the principle of the first machines. However, they are fully electronic, and a random number generator is responsible for the results.

Features of the classics

Traditional machines have the following features:

  • simple rules and interface;
  • uncomplicated graphics;
  • a small number of lines and reels;
  • the symbols on the screen are fruits, sevens, bells;
  • minimum set of bonus features.

Many of the slots in online casino Australia are characterized by high returns and high odds.

Technical features

The first slot machines included 3 reels and 1 pay line. Now classic machines can have 5-7 reels and up to 9 prize lines. Some machines include free spins, special symbols and even a progressive jackpot. When developing, the provider sets the payout and volatility. These parameters affect the likelihood of payouts. The payout determines how much the machine returns when played at online casino Australia over time. Volatility determines the regularity and size of payouts.

Classic slots developers

Traditional machines can be found in the portfolios of most popular developers. The best classics create:

  1. Igrosoft. This is a Russian provider, which does not have many video slots in its collection, but each of them is a striking representative of the classics.
  2. Novomatic. The brand’s collection includes many traditional fruit slots.
  3. NetEnt. The provider’s catalogue includes hundreds of machines, among which there are both modern and classic games. The machines have high returns. In some you can win the jackpot.
  4. Microgaming. Many of the games in the developer’s catalogue are created on the principle of one-armed bandits.
  5. Belatra. The Belarusian manufacturer’s collection includes many classic games.

The symbolism of classic games

The classics feature a distinctive set of symbols. The same images are used as were found in the first slot machines. Often the following pictures are involved in the game:

  1. Fruit. Strawberries, lemons, watermelons, etc. are found on the screen. Popularity images due to the fact that some of the first slot machines were given out as a prize fruit gum.
  2. Seven. Has long been considered a lucky number. The number 7 can be found in both traditional and modern slot machines.
  3. BAR. The history of the image is similar to that of the fruit pictures. Previously, visitors to the halls received chocolate bars as their winnings.
  4. Bell. A common pictogram, referring to Liberty Bell.

The mechanics of the game in traditional slots are standard. The player starts the spinning of the reels. After they stop, combinations are formed on the lines. If a sequence of identical symbols is collected, the player gets a payout. Its size depends on the bet, as well as the coefficient for a particular image. Some games have bonus features. These include special symbols, free spins, and a risk game that allows increasing the winnings by 2 times.

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