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Common myths about guitar learning to avoid advice

15 July 2021

Music education offers many advantages to learners at different levels based on their age. Then, picking up an instrument or voice training helps them unwind. Whether you use this capability to build your career or not is a different thing.

But, sometimes, certain misinformation can prevent you from diving into this or compel you to drop out because of the mismatch of expectations. You can take guitar, for example. Some people say it is the easiest instrument to master, while others may warn you about dreaming too high. Instead of jumping to any conclusion right away, it will be better to contemplate and decide. Here are some popular myths and insights to help you choose.

Common myths about guitar learning to avoid

Common Myths About Guitar Learning You Must Avoid

Myth: Start at a young age

While training early in life is good, it is never too late to learn something new, even a guitar. Whenever you feel you have the time, you can get at it. Some may argue that children tend to be fast learners. However, it doesn’t apply in every case. Still, you can consider two main advantages of learning at an early age – time and attitude. Young children can dedicate more time to their guitar classes because of the lack of busy schedules or study pressure. Then, they don’t judge themselves even after failing to manage the new skill.

On the other hand, adults have to squeeze their hobby or newfound interest into packed days. Some have to do jobs or take care of family. So, it becomes challenging to concentrate and practice. Besides, they get embarrassed too soon if things don’t happen quickly. They take it personally. Hence, these become a challenge.

Still, you cannot ignore that adults can be more organized, serious, and efficient in their approach to guitar learning. So, all these disadvantages may not mean much.

Myth: It is easy to learn to play the guitar

Many students search for ‘I need a guitar tutor near me’ online. Some do this because of their genuine interest in rock or jazz music. They see their idols give electrifying performances on stage and identify with that magical energy.

But there can be others who wanted to utilize their time in new skill development, and someone suggested that they go for guitar because it is the easiest instrument. Well, don’t make this choice with any false perception. No learning happens in an instant. It takes nurturing and mentoring to reach a certain level, achieving excellence, or doing satisfactorily well. Besides, individual traits also matter.

So, when you choose this course, make sure you know it will demand practice, persistence, and willingness. If you listen to the experts, they advise that guitar training tends to be affordable, and anyone can get a decent grip on this with regular attention. Still, it is better not to rush. Otherwise, you can end up hurting your muscles. You have to acclimatize your fingers to the chords.

Myth: The size of the fingers and hands plays an essential role

It is something you will hear if you ask about piano too. For example, people believe long fingers and large hands make the piano playing easy, while the fact is, anyone can gain the skill as long as they have passion and ambition. So, quite logically, you don’t have to feel confused about your decision to learn guitar just because your fingers are too slender, too short, or too long. Initially, you struggle as you are not familiar with the instrument. But with practice, you can overcome this challenge. Long fingers have an advantage, but you need to know to move them the right way, which training and practice can ensure.

Myth: You can learn the guitar online

It doesn’t hold, especially for beginners, who can be any age – a kid, a teen, or even an adult. The reason is you don’t know anything about the instrument. You can spend a lot of time figuring out where to begin and how. But it will lack proper structure.

It can even reflect on your foundation. You can pick up random techniques from here and there before the realization dawns that you didn’t make any progress in the real sense. It just went about in circles. However, when you do proper training at a music school, you move up from one step to another. After getting the direction at the beginner’s level, you can choose your way of working on your skill.

In this context, it is necessary to understand that every affordable guitar-playing course doesn’t mean quality training or money-saving. You have to be particular about your choice of school if you wish to get the correct guidance.

There are various beliefs and opinions about guitar learning that don’t hold any logical ground. You can reject them either as assumptions or misleading. To be precise, these should not influence your decision to learn the instrument.

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