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Finding The Best Florist In Toronto, Canada

17 Sep 2020

Giving flowers to a loved one for special occasions can be the perfect gift.

However, there are so many different florist shops as well as online shops to choose from so picking the best option can be difficult.

Let’s go through some tips to give you a helping hand.


One of the best ways to find the perfect florist is by personal recommendations. So, ask your friends or loved ones if they have recently bought or ordered any flowers recently to find out where they got them from and what their experience was like.

You could also post a question on social media like facebook or twitter asking your local community for any good flower shop recommendations. You will often find doing this people are very eager to help and can really offer some excellent advice for you.

Failing that you can always draw upa list of florists you may be considering using and then google, or your favourite search engine do a quick search looking for recent reviews. But, always bear in mind not all online reviews will tell the whole story, so you will need to make up your own mind and use good judgement.


If you are based in Canada, Toronto then an excellent choice for a florist would be as they have a really wide choice of different flowers available to purchase.

The prices are very reasonable and the quality of the flowers are exceptional. You will often find that they have sales on as well with special offers, so keep checking back all the time to see what deals can be had.

They provide flowers for all occasions including birthdays, weddings and gift baskets so it’s really an excellent choice if you are based in Canada.

Shop Around

With such a wide choice of florists online to choose from it’s wise to shop around before making your decisions. Some online florists will be much cheaper than others, although that doesn’t mean the quality will be the same.

Take your time with your decision making and seek out the best deals available to you.

Flowers are generally given on special occasions so you want to make sure they are as beautiful as they possibly can be for the price.

Online Or From A Florist Shop?

There are certainly a lot more options online than there will be compared to actual florist shops although they both have their advantages over each other.

Buying directly from a shop means you can actually see the flowers or bouquet before you buy them, and seeing them in the flesh can make your decision a lot easier compared to looking at just pictures.

Generally speaking however, you’re more likely to find a much wider selection of flowers, bouquet and plants with an online florist as they are more likely to have a much larger stock.

Both shops and online florists generally offer delivery services of the flowers for a small fee, but again online florists tend to cover a much wider range of areas than an actual florist shop.

Choosing The Right Flowers

Different flowers and bouquets suit different occasions. For example giving roses on valentines day, or lilies for a bereavement, so it’s important your flower choice matches the mood of the occasions.

Also knowing what the person’s favourite flowers or colours can be is extremely important when choosing what flowers to buy, so make sure you take note or ask them questions subtly beforehand.

If you are unsure it’s always a good idea to ask your florist for advice as they should be able to help point you in the right direction, as after all they are the experts.

Wedding Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers can be a stressful experience but it should not have to be. Again asking advice if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

If you already have in mind what you are after, then it’s important to view a sample bouquet before committing to putting in an order.

If you are buying flowers for tables and will be needing to put in a large order it’s a good idea not to leave this until the last minute. Give your florist as much notice and time as possible for them to be able to complete your order with no problems.

Christmas Flowers

Christmas can be a very busy time of the year for most people including florists. So, much like when choosing wedding flowers, don’t delay. Get your orders in as early as possible, at least a month or so before you will be needing the flowers delivered.

The more time you give your florist the better, so always be prepared in advance and don’t leave things to the last moment.


Prices of flowers, plants for bouquets from a florist can really range widely depending on where you live, the style of flowers and the time of year.

If you’re trying to purchase an out of season flower for the garden then you can expect to pay more than a flower that is in season. So it’s always better to try and choose your flowers according to what time of the year it is.

Again it’s always a good idea to shop around before making any purchases as it’s very possible to make large savings from choosing one florist over another. So don’t be rushed into a decision. Take your time and pick wisely.

To Summarise

Everybody loves receiving flowers, whether it be for special occasions or just as an everyday present to remind someone you are thinking of them.

Although flowers can be bought from supermarkets and petrol stations, the best looking flowers, bouquet and plants will always be bought from a proper florist whether that be from an actual physical shop or an online one.

Flowers are given every day of the year and are sure to put a smile on somebody’s face, so find your best options and get buying.

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