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Getting Luxury Log Cabin Kits in Canada guide

May 13, 2020

Getting Luxury Log Cabin Kits in Canada

Canadian Log Cabin Kits

Here in the True North, almost every Canadian has experienced the wonders of our wilderness. Even in the middle of winter, we still love to explore the mountain ranges and various natural parks. From those in the bigger cities to the rural countryside, you cannot deny that there is enjoyment to be found in the mountains.

The winter might be harsh as this article tells us, and there is still the danger of storms and wild animals. However, we still go along with our families and friends. Aside from hockey, this might be the number one pastime that any Canadian would enjoy.

However, there are a lot of things that can make it uncomfortable to stay in the mountains or parks. It is arguably what adds to the charm of the experience. You can experience the wilderness without any kind of restriction. It might be rough and challenging, but that is the reality of living in this neck of the woods.

To experience it even just for once in your life is something that you would always cherish. It is also tapping into that primal part in us, that we all want to survive as much as possible. Here’s why:

The New Trend

Getting Luxury Log Cabin Kits in Canada

On the other hand, “glamping” or glamorous camping has been gaining some sort of attention for a long time now, especially in social media. You might have seen this done by your favorite influencer as well. These are places filled with tents that are so well-equipped your own house might seem like a paltry comparison.

It is well-equipped with all of the tools that you need, from heaters to soft beds. You may think of it as a 3-star experience out in the woods. You would feel safe and secure while being inside. There is something better though, especially if you have the extra cash.

If you want the full 5-star experience, you would want to have a log cabin of your own. You would need to start from scratch, but it is so worth it. As long as you have land near a park or reservoir, then you can certainly make this into your vacation home. It can also be your permanent home if you would want, but it might be impractical. It can be too far from civilization, and it would not make sense to just stay in that location. For a vacation or even a weekend though, it is a perfect choice.

It is not a surprise that log cabin kits in Canada are quite popular. There are so many choices that it can be quite confusing just to choose one. Also, many manufacturers can help you build it as well.

However, others just give you the kit and you have to build it on your own. It might be something that you like doing though, so it is an option that you may want to explore. Here are some factors that you may want to check out before buying your own log cabin.

Factors to Think About Before Buying log cabin kits

Canadian Rural Living in North America

  1. DIY vs Assistance

As mentioned before, most of the cabin kits can just be bought and built on your own. Think of it as a life-sized Lego project. There are more constraints though, as every piece has its place in the construction. It can be a bit complicated, and it might take days for you to complete all of it.

The bigger the house, the more time it takes to finish as well. You need to consider the weather and time allotted for building. On the other hand, you can always have someone to assist you in building it. This guide can help you:

  1. Budget

Another thing that you need to look out for is your budget. Now, you may already have the extra cash since you are already considering buying another house just for vacations. However, it may come as a surprise for you that these kits do not come at affordable prices.

If you have a limited budget, you need to save up some to afford it. You can check out the prices online, or you can visit a company that makes these kits. It can be a good way for you to know which ones would work best for your family, too.

  1. Location

When considering size, think of the location where you want to put it. Most of these cabins are built to make sure that it can stand on any terrain, but it would be better to just check it first.

The flatter your piece your land, the better it will be for any building. On the other hand, most of the lands near parks and reservoirs are usually rocky and uneven. If you plan on building these kinds of places, you would probably need more assistance. You either add additional flooring or flatten the ground as much as you can.

Getting Luxury Log Cabin Kits in Canada

  1. Size and Amenities

Buying a log cabin set should come with everything that you need in one. Considering the eventual size

of the building is not enough. You need to see if there are other areas that it can offer. Will it just be a simple bungalow that can fit a family of four? The bigger and more luxurious kinds may have rooms that can accommodate more people. It may also be subdivided into many rooms, and you may even have one of your own.

Some would also come with balconies and porches. These would let you enjoy the calm mornings outside, drinking coffee and dunking your breakfast in maple syrup. Whether you would want something grand or simpler, there would be always something for you.

  1. Materials

Lastly, the materials used would be a factor that can make or break your purchase. For one, most of the best ones in the market use hardwood. These are best for the cruel winters up here in the North. Some of them also have insulating properties that can affect the temperature inside, keeping you and your family warm.

If you are going to opt for a much cheaper kit, then expect that it would be mostly made from plywood and other lower grade materials. They can still work, but they might not last as long as the other ones.

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