Personality Traits of the Border Collie Dog Breed, Herding Pet Tips, Family canine advice

Personality Traits of the Border Collie Dog Breed

12 Nov 2020

Border Collie Dog Breed Personality traits advice

Border Collies are popularly known for their excellent herding skills. For decades they’ve been used to herd goats, sheep, and bigger animals in the countryside. They can manage almost any type of animal. If you’ve seen a Border Collie at work, you’ll be amazed by the way other animals respect it while grazing or being moved from one area to another. The breed moves around with ease, confidence, and pride as it can herd animals of all shapes and sizes.

Even though they are still used to herd livestock in the countryside, they’ve become a very popular house pet for families in all areas of the world. This is mainly because they are trained easily and can take good care of children within the family.

What other personality traits make this breed a well sought-after dog for the family? Let’s have a closer look.

Personality Traits of the Border Collie Dog Breed – List


The Border Collie originates from the border counties of Scotland and England. The breed dates back from early as 1700 and are believed to have a few other breeds like the Scotch Collie and the Bearded Collie within the mix.

In the early 1900s, the breed was used by English Lords to herd livestock. Because they are so easily trained, and really smart, police started training it to detect bombs and illegal narcotics. They even went along on serious rescue missions with high profile police detectives.

Physical Features

The gorgeous dog has a double coat that is medium length. A purebred will always have a coat color of white and black. Sometimes they feature colors of red in the coat. Coats can either be one solid color or a mixture of black, white, and red.

Compared to other house dogs, the breed is quite big. Males can weigh between 30-45 pounds and females between 30-42 pounds. On average, males are 22 inches in height and females 20 inches. Border Collies can live up to an average of 14 years, making them perfect additions to the family.

Even though they share similar physical characteristics, they shouldn’t be confused to the lighter-weight Australian shepherd breed. A distinguishing feature is its bushy that reaches the breed’s hocks. You can check out my source to learn more about their physical features.

Personality traits of Border Collie Dog Breed

Personality Traits

If you are considering getting a Border Collie as part of your family, then you’ll be happy to know that they have excellent personality traits. Here are just a few of our top favorites:


Border Collies love to spend time with other dogs and pets. On top of that, they hate to be alone. Even if you don’t have another dog as part of the family, it will be wise to arrange many playdates with neighbor’s dogs or leave him at a trusted doggy day care while you are at work.

This is great news for if you already have a pet cat or dog in the house, as this breed will get along with most other animals. Having someone to play with is all a Border Collie could ask for.

Very Clever

It’s no surprise that this breed is extremely clever. Not only have they been used to herd livestock and work with the police, but they can also be trained as guide dogs for the blind.

Being intellectually driven, the Border Collie will need to be stimulated. Giving them puzzle toys and mazes will keep them happy and healthy. To encourage mental stimulation with toys and games, you can follow this guide:


This cute dog isn’t just a gorgeous face, they are very energetic. If they don’t get at least 45 minutes of exercise every single day, they will get quite agitated and irritated. It is actually recommended that you take this breed out at least twice a day for some regular exercise.

When taking them out for walks you should definitely have a ball or frisbee nearby to encourage playing fetch and getting rid of all that built up energy.

Border Collies are excellent companions for families or those who live on the countryside. They are highly trainable, fun, loving, energetic, and smart. An excellent choice for a family who has a yard and enjoy being active.

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