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4 Pointers for Welcoming the Summer Into Your Home In 2024

18 June 2024

The summer can be a little slow starting here in the UK, and although the sun can prove to be a reluctant visitor, the summer is a great time to give your home some well-needed light and warmth.

Prepare your house for summer

If you need some tips for bringing the summer sunlight into your house, here are four essential pointers to get you started.

1.     Redesign Your Windows

Windows are integral to the character of a house, but they are also the most obvious solution for introducing more light into your rooms.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, or even add some extra ones in, companies like Halifax Glass can help to design your dream windows, whether you want to add some pizazz with a skylight, or perhaps some airflow with a stylish bi-folding door?

Halifax Glass have got you covered with their excellent customer service and supportive team who will work hard to make your interior design dreams come true.

2.     Decorate with Fresh Flowers

There is no decoration that brings the summer vibes as much as fresh flowers to decorate your home. Not only are flowers a way to brighten up a room, but they can help to thematically link a garden-facing room with the flowers and shrubs outside in your garden.

If you’re frequently floored by hayfever, you could opt for bunches of false flowers instead. Independent retailers from sites like Etsy can supply you with stunning flowers in your chosen colour scheme that will last years and never wilt!

You can also get the smell of real flowers despite using fake ones, with a scent diffuser to get that fresh summer smell.

3.     Shake Up Your Colour Scheme

If you want to give your home more of a summer theme, you could use a summery colour scheme to bring more light into your home. To do this, use pastel colour schemes and lighter shades, or simply create feature walls with bright colours, patterns or wall art!

You could use framed prints from online retailers like Photobox, or else have your own sentimental photos printed!

4.     Swap in Some Summer Textiles

Textiles are a fantastic way to help bring in some extra colour and light to your rooms, but they can also be great for storing away heavy sofa throws and darker colours.

To theme your house around summer, you could purchase some embroidered cushion covers, lay down a colourful rug, and create cute coffee table displays with summer themed ornaments.

You could even bring in the beach vibes with a hammock style chair for reading, or if you have children, utilising a sandpit or rugs to mimic a beach could provoke some interesting creative play ideas for them.

Do you have any tips for bringing the summer into your home this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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