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Pros and Cons of CBD Oil For Dogs guide

12 Nov 2020

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil For Dogs

Your pet dog can get sick, just like humans. When they lose appetite or become ill, many owners’ first reaction is to call the vet and bring their furry friends into a clinic. The vet may do some tests and prescribe medications to bring back the canine into its normal health.

However, there are times when the owners have followed the correct dosages of the medicine written on the prescription form, but they notice that there’s no improvement in their pets’ conditions. If you are a pet owner in this kind of situation, you may want to explore other remedies and alternative medicine that’s safe and effective for your dog.

You may come across CBD oil, which is an extract from the hemp plant. However, it is essential to look for the pros and cons of CBD or cannabidiol before administering it to your furry friend. You should first know the advantages and get to know the manufacturers to ensure that you are giving them a safe supplement.

Pros of CBD

The FDA may not still regulate the CBD-infused extract, but many owners are already using them across the globe. Lots of them can testify that their sick canines have benefitted from this herbal extract. Some of the advantages that you need to know are included in the following:

Lessen the Anxiety Levels of Your Dog

You may want to chill and be with your dog all day long. However, life has so many responsibilities that there are times that you can’t be with them. If you notice that your canine engages in harmful behaviors and begins to become destructive, you may want to see if they have separation anxieties. These types of medical conditions are severe, and they should be given medical attention. Fortunately, the CBD-infused oil has cannabinoids that can help combat the anxiety levels of your pet.

Fight Cancer Cells

Many pet parents are devastated when they are given the news that their dogs have cancer. Millions of dogs are getting cancer every year in the information reported by the Animal Cancer Foundation, and your pet may be one of them. You can learn more about cancer on this site here.

A permanent cure for cancer is still yet to be invented. Meanwhile, administering and incorporating CBD oil into your older canine’s diet can prevent the infected cells from spreading further. Some pet owners even reported that they notice that some of the symptoms have permanently gone into remission and didn’t reappear for years after the pets have started taking the oil.

Cons to Consider

For all the advantages mentioned, there are also a few cons that you should keep in mind. Some of them are as follows:

Can Cause Lethargy

For owners who frequently administer higher doses of CBD over a long period, they may notice that their canines start to get lethargic. These side effects are expected since the oil can make your pets sleep better, and they can calm their anxieties even if fireworks are exploding outside. If you notice a drop in enthusiasm and energy, you need to make sure that you are giving the right dose of medications and supplements to your canines.

May Suffer from Various Symptoms after Giving Too Much Oil

Aside from feelings of lethargy, you may notice symptoms like agitation, shaking, vomiting, and excessive drooling. These again can be caused by giving too many CBD extracts to your pet. You can read more about CBD extracts here: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-175441/cannabidiol-cbd-extract-oral/details

It’s recommended that you only put a few drops in their food or directly in their mouths twice a day, and you should not exceed the doses. Start small, and when you see improvements, you can increase some of the amounts after a week or two.

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil For Dogs Conclusion

CBD Oil For Dogs Pros and Cons advice

Using CBD oil is a very effective treatment for dogs that have various ailments in their bodies. There may be further studies that are required, but more people are opening up their minds to the benefits that CBD oil can bring. It might not be long before the owner decides to purchase a bottle for himself and his pets.

However, before you click that purchase button online, you need to make sure to weigh the pros and cons first. You can always get reliable information online or chat with an expert to know more about the products that you are trying to buy for your furry friend.

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