SEO Truths from a Leading Digital Marketing Agency Stergo Media and its CEO Aleksandr Suchkov Tips

SEO Truths from a Leading Digital Marketing Agency

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6 Feb 2023

SEO can be a tough cookie to crack. Website owners have been tussling with what works and what doesn’t for nearly 2 decades now. Internet marketers also need to be in the know as the algorithm and parameters that decide a page’s ranking on the search result page keep changing.

SEO Truths from a Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Focus on the Human, not the Spider: SEO Truths from a Leading Digital Marketing Agency Stergo Media and its CEO Aleksandr Suchkov

SEO Truths from Digital Marketing Agency Stergo Media & CEO Aleksandr Suchkov

In an ever-changing scenario, it’s best to stick with the intent and goal of the search engines. That way, you have future-proofed your web strategy and your analytics will also be positive.

That’s what the marketing agency Stergo Media specializes in.

Thanks for short Video Interview with Aleksandr Suchkov we had the good fortune of having a deeper look into how digital marketing and especially SEO works from a modern perspective. Long gone are the days when you had to stuff keywords into posts and spin articles. All of that is often penalized by Google now.

SEO Truths from a Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Buying and selling backlinks and other types of shady stuff can also spell doom for any new website project.

So, what works?

As it turns out, as long as you deeply understand how Google thinks and what kind of content it prefers, you should be in the clear. A few such as Stergo Media specialize in exactly that. Their process is all about building a website and managing its digital marketing from the user or customer’s point of view.

They focus on improving the user’s experience. In their experience, it helps websites scale without having to invest in costly ad campaigns or other tactics that come in and go out of fashion intermittently.  Some even get downright penalized altogether.

Google’s crawl bots that index websites and analyze their content are called spiders. Whereas stuffing keywords into posts is a way to create a website for spiders so you can game the system and rank higher – focusing on meaningful content that adds value for the user is the opposite, human-centric approach that Stergo Media specializes in and professes about. Check out Disk Times Seo Tools.

In fact, we’ve seen a trend of leading marketing agencies focusing on user experiences rather than the crawl bots to rank higher and it works. Google wants to present the most relevant results in the first page for a query.  By building a website for humans with content that solves queries without beating around the bush, you’re helping Google with that aim. Needless to say, the algorithm will pick this up and start serving your pages higher up.

That’s the strategy that Stergo Media has had a lot of success with. They have now handled a large number of international clients across different industries and proven that their technique works.

Delivering great results for their clients, they have emerged as one of the most coveted digital marketing agencies focusing on SEO, PPC, and SMM.

Stergo Media operates out of Dubai but has a team that’s international, enabling it to handle clients in all timezones without any hassle. Their track record is spotless and they have delivered on their promises every time.

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