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How Much Does it Cost to Stay at a Serviced Apartment in Luxembourg?

25 Jan 2023

Serviced apartment in Luxembourg cost

The nature, culture, art, and history of Luxembourg amaze a lot of expats. It’s a political and economic powerhouse despite the country’s modest size. Even with the high cost of living, many foreigners choose to live here for the stunning environment and security it provides.

If you are one of those who just recently came to Luxembourg and want to take a service apartment at an affordable price then this post is for you. Here in this post, we will give you a complete idea of how much it costs to stay at a service apartment in Luxembourg.

Moreover, you will learn the types of service apartment you can choose and why it is better to choose a hotel.

Cost of Serviced Apartment

The lower per-night cost is a major attraction for those who choose serviced apartments over hotels for longer visits. A hotel room lacks the appliances necessary for cooking, and dining out may be expensive and unhealthy. Standard kitchen amenities in serviced apartments include a microwave, gas burner, dinnerware, and flatware.

As a result, even when staying in a service apartment, you may prepare home-cooked meals, handle the dishes, and launder and iron your clothing with ease. The cost of a Serviced Apartment in Luxembourg may range from cheap to expensive, depending on factors such as the building’s features, the neighborhood, and the company providing the service.

A serviced apartment in a prime location, on the other hand, will set you back a lot more money. However, it’s also worth noting that serviced flats often pop up in or around hubs for trade, tourism, and business.

If you are looking to find a very well-maintained serviced apartment at the best price then you can always rely on LuxFlat. You will have a variety of options to choose from in the best cities around Luxembourg such as Kirchberg, Belair, Limpertsberg, and other places around the service area.

What Does a Serviced Apartment Mean?

A serviced apartment is a kind of furnished housing that is offered to guests for either an extended or temporary period. The proprietor of the service apartment building is responsible for both the furnishings and the upkeep of the building.

Visitors and business travelers are the ideal guests for service apartments. If an employee must relocate for their job, their company may provide them with temporary housing in a serviced apartment.

Types of Serviced Apartments Available

Let us look into several types of serviced apartments and the standard benefits you may get-


Aparthotels are a kind of managed accommodation that goes beyond the typical hotel by additionally providing in-house services and amenities. You may also find a fitness center, a bar, and a concierge service, in addition to a lobby and a manager.

These serviced apartments are ideal for people who want the space and freedom of an apartment with the conveniences of a hotel. All of these amenities work together to provide the finest possible environment for visitor comfort.

Residential Apartments

There are serviced apartments that are located in buildings that were formerly used primarily for housing. The serviced apartment will often have the same amenities as the other units in the building. These serviced apartments are ideal for long-term assignees and those who are relocating.

Relocatees may get a feel for the area before settling on a long-term housing option by living in this sort of setting. Apartments like this are ideal for persons who will be living there for an extended time, such as long-term assignees or followers of the increasingly popular nomadic travel/remote working lifestyle.

Is a Serviced Apartment Better than a Hotel?

Most customers prefer a serviced apartment over a hotel room because of the added privacy it provides. Standard hotel rooms are around 325 square feet in size. However, a serviced apartment provides you with a fully furnished home.

A serviced apartment is one in which the tenants are free to utilize the facilities provided by the landlord, including the kitchen, laundry facilities, conference rooms, and so on. To sum up, service apartments provide their residents with everything they need to feel at home, but at a price.

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