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Top Five Movie-Themed Slots – Try the Ones You Like at Wazamba Casino Australia

18 Sep 2023

Since we all know that slot machines are, to say the least, similar to each other, it is not at all strange to choose games by theme.

Top Five Movie Themed Slots

Or in this case, choose games based on movies. There are many great movie-themed slot machines at Wazamba, and you can try most of the titles from this list at their site.

Terminator 2

This game is so old that it requires Adobe Flash (a plugin for your browser), but the theme is more relevant than ever with killer robots based on artificial intelligence.

You don’t have to worry though, because this game doesn’t collect data! Only money.

The game itself is surprisingly traditional with scatters, 5×3 squares, and wilds. What does spice up the atmosphere a little is the “T-800 Vision” which can be activated randomly during a winless round.

As long as this game mode is on, a single scatter is enough to activate ten free spins (the bonus round that is).

During the bonus round, the T-1000 symbols can conveniently take the form of any other characters/symbols and thus increase your winnings considerably.

Terminator 2 was programmed back in 2014, but it’s still one of the most delightful slots at Wazamba casino Australia.

Jurassic Park

One of the greatest film classics of all time that created dinosaur hysteria in the mid-90s.

It takes place on an island near Costa Rica where a rich old man tries to revive dinosaurs using DNA.

The way the dinosaurs looked and moved was completely ground-breaking at the time, but it wasn’t just special effects that made the film so good (in that case, the two sequels would have been rated as good too).

The Jurassic Park slot is very special too, although you probably won’t notice before the free spins take place.

There are a total of five different variants of the free spins round, and when you have activated it 25 times, you can start choosing which variant you want to play.

Groundbreaking for its time for sure! Here is some more information about the dinosaurs:

  • T-rex. Can turn entire reels into wilds.
  • Velociraptor. Can create more wilds and higher multipliers.
  • Triceratops. Creates an extra wild per spin during the free spins mode.
  • Brachiosaurus. Generates random multipliers for each win.
  • Dilophosaurus. Creates sticky wilds randomly.


This game is based on the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie, but unfortunately the smoke of the actors is nowhere to be seen.

All symbols and images consist only of jungle animals. This probably has to do with licenses/money.

In the game, just like in a real jungle, you will find several surprises. Rhinos can run across the screen and turn 4-9 symbols into wilds, and wild monkeys roam the board until you land a guaranteed win.

Just make sure not to act like a howler monkey if you lose – think of the neighbors!

One of the best places to try out this game is Wazamba casino Australia.

Planet of the Apes

This game is based on two of the many ape movies namely Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

There are two game boards here, something you don’t see very often (one for “Rise” and one for “Dawn”).

The interesting thing here is that the same type of bonus can have a very different effect depending on whether it lands on Rise or Dawn.

Planet of the Apes is probably the most innovative game on the list in terms of gameplay.


The last game on the list is Dracula, a truly terrifying slot that you probably shouldn’t play before going to bed.

The music here is really good and the graphics are also impressive for such an old game.

Don’t be afraid when the bats sweep onto the playing field because they help you by turning all surrounding symbols into the same (including wilds). Visit Wazamba casino Australia if you’re interested in this game.

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