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Top renovation Singapore home decor trends

26 Sep 2019

Top renovation Singapore home decor trends

Top renovation Singapore home decor trends to count on

Every homeowner wants to the best home decor for their residential property! And while the process of home renovation it is essential to keep a check on decorative items or space that you want to change entirely or want to stay intact. It will help you to renovate better and within your budget.

Are you searching for a contemporary and new-age lifestyle decor? If yes, you can opt-in for the home renovation Singapore design trend. Some of the critical aspects of this design trend are as follows:

  1. Say yes to a semi-open kitchen space

Does your home have grease stains and cooking fumes all over the house? If yes, then it’s a complete deal-breaker. As you are planning to renovate your house, make sure to change this trend. Switching to a semi-open or open-kitchen concept is a good idea. You can blend in the best of both the designs as well. It will give your kitchen and the house a new age look.

  1. The framed glass panels are making a comeback

The frame glass panels which were highly popular for the industrial home decor went into oblivion for a while! However, it’s making a comeback, and this time it’s bigger and thinner. You can find it easily everywhere and can also use it in various ways. For instance, you can use the glass panels as a feature element in your living room, as a shower screen in the washroom and a two-fold divider in the kitchen as well.

  1. Collapsible designs and hidden elements are impressive

The Singapore houses come with a tighter and compact space! And this gives a chance to say yes to collapsible designs as well as hidden items. It can make the best use of the interior decor space and can develop a less-cluttered, elaborate, and sleek space. You can include elements like extendable kitchen counters, pop-up dining tables, hidden doorways, and the pull-out vanities.

  1. Bright and light home is still a trend

2018 saw the end of a dark themed house! In 2019, the Singapore home decor trends are all set to include airy, bright, and light homes. Scandinavian decor is the best example of this. And it is slowly impacting the Singapore home decor trends that are known for its innate sleek design. The overall design is luxe, contemporary, and brighter than ever.

  1. Your bathroom can have a striking statement

It’s time that homeowners focus on their bathroom decor as well! The safe and understated looks are over and done with. It’s time to welcome eye-catching, striking, and graphic details. You can opt-in for a vivid backsplash, bathroom flooring showcasing outstanding tiles. It will look unconventional, but stop yourself if you find a chance of getting slightly overboard. Your bathroom space needs to look impressive and not over the top. You can even experiment with the lighting fixtures.

There are more home decor trends such as opting in for warm hues and metallic accents that you can opt-in for as well. However, the changes you plan to incorporate will depend on your home space, the design patterns, and the budget capacity. Make sure you have expert guidance through the entire renovation process.

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