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Vertical Radiator Designs

Renewable energy-units + conventional boilers ; Narrow low, wide, tall, stylish & functional types

13 Aug 2018

Vertical Radiator Designs

Vertical Radiator Designs Guide

What You Need To Know About Vertical Radiator Designs

Today radiators come in an extensive array of sizes and shapes. Regardless of whether you are looking for a narrow low, wide, tall, stylish or functional one, every type comes in a variety of choices.

It might take a bit of time when it comes to deciding on the radiator type that you require for each room in your home but paying attention and care during this stage will usually reap a bounty of rewards when it comes to energy efficiency over the long run.

In some cases, you might find the classic types of radiator panels are the more suitable choice when it comes to your heating requirements.

Research has gone onto show that panel radiators are versatile and well-suited for use with all types of heating sources. This can include renewable energy-units and conventional boilers.

An Extensive Range Of Styles

The latest technological advancements now mean that the panel radiators come in different styles, which makes it a lot easier to find the energy-efficient panels that also match up to your unique interior-design ideas.

Today, over and above the grooved and plain flat panel radiator, there are a lot more designer options now available, including rounded and squared styles.

With the abilities to now match your radiator with your existing décor, many homeowners have become a lot more interested in choosing a radiator, opposed to a more traditional practice of allowing a heating engineer or plumber choose a radiator from the limited style ranges.

Slim And Tall Models

One of the styles in radiators which have become a lot more popular for home owners, architects and interior designers are the vertical radiators.

One of the primary reasons for an increase in installations for the slim and tall models, is due to the fact that it is a more convenient option in areas with wall spaces that are limited that makes better use of the vertical areas.

The ability of the vertical radiators to produce the same heat as a horizontal and traditional radiator has truly revolutionized the way radiators are manufactured and built into the different interior-design plans. You can get some more ideas how this is done in this piece site that offers upright radiator info – see

A Good Choice For The Period Properties

The choice in vertical radiators is also now a common choice in the period properties, where horizontal and heavy cast-iron radiators were once the standard.

The idea of a column modern radiators has also provided a choice that is far lighter than the cast-iron counterparts, which makes them a lot easier to install and transport.

The vertical column radiators have become a commonplace, yet more importantly they still maintain a sense of that period style which was once only found in the traditional cast iron radiator.

The Alternative To The Horizontal Orientation

Finding ways to improve how we use our living spaces is one of the keys to modern living, in the way we are always in search of ways to maximize our spaces with an increase in imaginative and novel space-saving ideas.

An easy way to achieve this includes pushing your furniture against your walls to provide an impression that there is more space in the room.

The primary issue when it comes to the horizontal radiators means you cannot place pieces of furniture such as a bookcase or sofa against a certain section of your walls in case it blocks the radiator, or the risks involved of the furniture absorbing the heat, rather than emitting the heat into the actual room.

The vertical radiators also utilize space which was once considered inaccessible in order to get around such issues.

Making The Most Of Your Wall Spaces

Large windows were also once a hindrance when it came to the installation of a radiator. The vertical radiators offer a way to position your radiators on one side of your window.

Alternatively, the addition of the low and long panel radiators have gone onto improve aesthetics associated with installing a radiator under windows, opposed to trying to squeeze in conventional panel radiators in these areas with a focus on the radiator being functional opposed to stylish.

The floor-standing radiators are also a popular choice, especially in the apartment buildings that are more modern where most of the walls are glazed, which means there are no areas available to install traditional radiators to a wall.

Customize Your Radiator To The Interior Design Plan

Now that you know you can invest in a new radiator in a number of styles, you can now consider the functions each of these radiators can offer in different rooms in a home.

For example, in the rooms which are used more frequently, the radiator will be used more regularly in order to heat up the room. For this reason, you will want to choose one of the radiators that offers sufficient heat output in the room you install it in.

In rooms such as a kitchen, cloakroom, en-suites or a bathroom, a radiator will only be required to heat up a space that is smaller. However, you might also want the radiators to offer you with flexibility to warm or dry your towels.

Vertical Radiators Vs Heated Towel Rails

Ladder-style heated towel rails were once the more popular choice for these purposes. Yet with more options available in the vertical radiators, it is now a possibility to invest in one of the minimalist vertical radiators which incorporates the versatile ability to warm or dry your towels.

In most cases, the heated towel rails are unable to provide enough heat to heat the entire room. Which means the installation of a vertical radiator which can also heat your towels is a more viable option.

When it comes to kitchens where much of the space is already occupied by a back door, storage space, breakfast tables and cabinets, many homeowners are restricted on where to place a radiator.

Once again, the installation of a vertical radiator makes use of tall and thin wall spaces. This opens more options for home owners who would like a radiator in their kitchen spaces.

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