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World’s 8 Largest Casino Cities

15 February 2022

Casinos are associated with glamour and excellence, taking great pride in their buildings. Their architecture is often astounding, but so is the experience inside them. Some cities around the world are more famous for their casinos than others. Rest assured, there are many places on this list that are worth adding to your bucket list if you enjoy travelling and playing at casinos.

You can, of course, play at many of the best real money casinos online, but it doesn’t compare to the commotion on the casino floor. Besides, some of these cities are worth visiting regardless of your interest in casino games.

Worlds 8 Largest Casino Cities - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the world’s casino capital and has been so since the city’s birth. Despite stiff competition from cities all over the world, Las Vegas has stood as an icon of gambling and is still the first city most people think of when it comes to casino games. Here, gambling is not just a part of life but the heart of the whole city.

Las Vegas has everything a visitor could possibly need and then some. The city has built a tourist paradise with nightclubs, shows, concerts from world-class artists, top-notch food and drink from renowned chefs and bartenders. Las Vegas casinos include some of the world’s largest and most famous, including the MGM Grand, Wynn Las Vegas, Venetian and Bellagio. Here, top players mix with novices, all with the same dream of hitting the big win.


The second casino city in Nevada is Reno, located further north than its desert cousin Las Vegas. Reno’s advantage over Las Vegas is its beautiful scenery, especially Lake Tahoe, which offers a break from the city’s wild nightlife. Another thing that makes Reno a contender for Las Vegas is that it’s cheaper to live and gamble here. The luxury is there anyway, in the form of five-star hotels and famous restaurants. But if Las Vegas is a bit too much for you, this is the place to go.

Monte Carlo

Along with Las Vegas, Monte Carlo is one of the most iconic casino locations in the world. It combines views of the French Riviera with top-class gambling. A district of the picturesque Principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo is the complete casino experience where all the classic games are available, including roulette, craps, slot machines and, of course, poker. Here, gambling has been part of everyday life since the 19th century, and the antecedents are evident in the pride and professionalism that permeates the resort’s casinos.

Monte Carlo is home to one of the most beautiful casino buildings in the world, the Casino de Monte Carlo, which opened in 1878. The building is in the Belle-Époque style and boasts beautiful gardens filled with ponds and fountains. The casino is off-limits to the citizens of Monte Carlo, not even to the royal family. However, it is open to thousands of gamblers who visit the casino every year.


On the south coast of China, we find Macau, a city that attracts major players worldwide. The city, which belonged to Portugal until 1997, has been transformed into a paradise for casino lovers and is the only city in China that allows casino gambling. Macau has the highest turnover in the world, not surprising given that visitors have 34 casinos to choose from with over 3,000 gaming tables and nearly 8,000 slot machines. It is also home to the world’s largest casino, The Venetian Macao.

Millions of gambling enthusiasts find their way here every year, many of them choosing Macau because of the city’s thriving horse and dog racing games. Five-star hotels are a given and add to the upscale experience. Macau has become the mirror of Las Vegas in Asia, where you can visit many of the iconic casinos found in the American desert city, but with a new, Asian twist.


If you travel to Spain’s Costa del Sol, you’ll find Marbella and its casino. Celebrities flock here on the country’s sunny coast during the summers, drawing fans and tabloid press alike. The nightlife is legendary, and Casino Marbella has become an integral part. Marbella is the best city for those who want to combine sun and beach holidays with top-level gambling.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located in New Jersey and is the East Coast’s answer to Las Vegas. Unlike its west coast neighbour, Atlantic City is a city that has focused on attracting a particular kind of gambler of a specific kind of casino. Each casino here has its own speciality with a gaming experience tailored to fit it. Bally’s is for those attracted to the Wild West, Trump’s Taj Mahal for the Asian-inspired and Caesar the obvious choice for those attracted to the formative grandeur of the Roman Empire.

Atlantic City still seems like a charming small town despite its enormous expansion over the past few decades. Their casinos are clustered to the waterfront and have beautiful water views. The emphasis here is not as much on luxury as in Las Vegas. Instead, the aim is to offer a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.


The capital of the Philippines has entered the international gambling scene and become one of the hottest casino cities. It is estimated that one million people flock to Manila each year to experience the city’s culture and casino games. That’s almost as many visitors as the city has inhabitants!

Manila offers a cheaper casino experience than its American counterparts, and visitors can try their luck whenever they want, as all casinos here are open 24 hours a day.


In South Korea, there is only one destination for those looking for great casinos and luxury living: the capital Seoul. South Koreans themselves are only allowed to gamble at one casino in the country, but visitors are free to try their luck at any of them. The largest is called Paradise Casino Walkerhill and is known for giving its guests gifts as thanks for their visit.

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