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New Town Statue, St Andrews Square, Edinburgh, Scotland

Melville Monument Edinburgh


William Burn

The Melville Monument is 41m high and sits centrally to St Andrew Square, dominating it and views along George Street.

Melville Monument Melville Monument Edinburgh
photos © Adrian Welch

The Melville Monument is a fluted column atop which is the stone statue of Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville. Viscount Melville (or Lord Melville) was an aristocratic 18th century politician, but more importantly the King’s Chancellor, and has been described as the most powerful Scot of his day.

St Andrews Square also includes the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ, built to house Sir Laurence Dundas and Bank of Scotland by David Bryce.
Bank of Scotland Edinburgh
image © Adrian Welch

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photo © Adrian Welch

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Melville Monument photo © Adrian Welch 2006


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