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10 Cheap Ways to Reduce Your Condo Energy Bills

18 Mar 2021

Are your condo energy bills affordable? Has it ever occurred to you how to reduce your energy consumption at your condo?

Energy performance is always a key factor when choosing a home to buy. No matter you want to buy an old detached house or use a condo assignment resale, you have to choose an energy-efficient building.

Truth be told, many times you can’t afford the initial cost of buying/renting a very efficient condo, so you need to take some measures to compensate for that.

If you’re one of those families that energy bills put a heavy burden on your income, try to read the following article to learn how to save energy at your condo.

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Here are several easy-to-use tips for reducing your energy bills:

Insulate your windows

Windows are responsible for almost 20-30% of energy waste in buildings. Although new windows are way better than the traditional ones, you still need to use draft stoppers to prevent the cold water from flowing into your condo. You can also use a plastic cover to do it if you don’t want to buy a stopper.

Wash clothes in cold water

The washing machine should use masses of energy to warm water. So adjust it so that it washes your clothes in cold water. This will save you a tremendous amount of energy and reduce your bills.

Air-dry your clothes

If you are not in a hurry, try to use a rope to hang up your clothes instead of using a dryer. As you know, dryers’ energy usage is considerably high, and avoiding them can cut your bills significantly.

Don’t keep the refrigerator’s temperature too low

Many people don’t care about the refrigerator’s temperature, and usually, their ref’s temperature is at the lowest degree. This will lead to a significantly higher electricity bill.

It’s good to know that the best temperature for most food to be preserved is 4 degrees celsius. This is the temperature at which the water starts to freeze.

Also, the freezer’s temperature should be kept at -18° C, and there is no need to lower the temperature.

If you stop constantly opening and closing your refrigerator, the compressor can keep these temperatures with minimum work.vo

Don’t use the fridge if it’s not necessary

There are many items in your fridge that can be stored outside of it. For example, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and avocados can last for several days without being in a fridge.

Many dried and packaged foods can also be stored outside of the fridge before being opened.

So you can save lots of energy and make room for other necessary items in your fridge by putting them out.

Adjust your room temperature

Heating and cooling are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in your condo. So keeping your room temperature in the wise range can save you a significant amount of money per year.

You just need to adjust your thermostat to a temperature that is not too warm (in winter) or too cold (in summer). Remember that you can compensate for a lot of energy bills with suitable clothing instead of changing the thermostat’s degree.

Don’t keep your cooler turned on all the night

Although your thermostat has control over your cooler, the device will consume electricity even when it is in standby mode.

Many times, you don’t need your cooler, especially at the break of dawn when the temperature drops.

So you can use the timer of your air conditioner to turn it off these times. It’s better to look at the temperature profile of your city in Google Weather to know when the air temperature drops.

This will lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption and, of course, in your energy bills.

Don’t forget to use lids on pots or pans

A significant amount of your condo energy is consumed in cooking. There are many useful ways to reduce this energy without losing your comfort.

One of the easiest ways is to use lids when cooking. A lid traps the hot vapor that is going up, making the food warmer and cooking timeless.

A lid can also cause you to use your kitchen hoodless, reducing your electric consumption.

Unplug your appliances when you aren’t using them

Many of us might think that appliances will be totally off without any energy consumption. But the truth is that almost all electronic devices have a clock, a timer, a memory, and a remote activation that uses electricity when they’re plugged in.

You might say that these devices’ consumption is very low, but you need to know that if they work constantly, the total amount in a year will be significant.

So try to unplug all the electric appliances when you’re not using them. One way to simplify this task is to use power strips with an on/off switch on them to be able to turn off several devices with one switch.

Don’t leave your condos’ bulbs on when going out

This one is so basic, but many of us still ignore it. Try to turn off your light bulbs when you’re going out. Particularly, when you go to work, you’re out for at least 8 hours, and this will lead to a higher energy bill at the end of the month.

Switch to LED light bulbs

Thanks to the recent advances in electronics, LED light bulbs are applicable and easily available. They’re much more efficient than fluorescent light bulbs and can save you a considerable amount of money each year.

Another important matter regarding these bulbs is that they last much longer. So don’t be worried about their prices because their efficiency and durability will compensate for that.

Don’t waste time under the shower

Having a warm shower is something everybody likes, and many of us can’t end it soon. This habit can increase your utility rates.

Try to finish the job as soon as possible and get out of the bathroom when you’re clean. You need to avoid staying too long under the shower to enjoy the hot water.

Don’t make the water too hot when bathing

Another important matter regarding the bathroom is that you shouldn’t make the water too hot. Remember that increasing the temperature of water requires masses of energy because water has a very high specific heat.

So if you can do bathing at lower temperatures, you’ll cut your energy bill and contribute to saving the planet.

Use your washing machine when it is fully loaded

An important tip for saving energy is to wash your clothes when you’ve fully loaded your washing machine.

Washing machines consume lots of electric power, and using it multiple times is not so prudent. Remember to load it at a standard level, not too much and not too little. This will also help your washing machine to last longer.

10 cheap ways to reduce condo energy bills Takeaway

Several applicable energy-saving tips were presented. Of course, every person can come up with other useful ideas to reduce energy consumption. Also, if you have a good budget, you can go for smart technologies to control your energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.

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