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5 Benefits of Installing Steel Garage Doors

17 March 2022

5 benefits of installing steel garage doors

Typically, the garage door is the most-used entryway. It’s also home to your most prized possession: your car. So, there’s no need to tell you why choosing a durable, protective, and insulated door is so important, right?

There are a variety of materials used to make garage doors, and some of the most common include aluminum, wood, vinyl, and steel. However, the latter is almost always the best choice. It offers protection against denting and warping and is energy-efficient, affordable, and cost-effective. There are very few downsides to installing a steel garage door in your home.

If you’re eager to find out why this material is so popular, keep reading.

1. They Are Energy Efficient

As previously mentioned, steel garage doors are insulated well. This is because they typically come in multi-layers. This prevents your garage’s inside from becoming too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. If you treat your garage as a living or a working space, this can be even more of a problem, as you’ll need to constantly use your furnace or air conditioning unit to keep the area at a comfortable temperature.

In contrast, steel garage doors avoid this problem, meaning your energy bills will be reduced, equaling to better energy efficiency.

2. They Offer a Great Value For Money

You may not think so, but it’s actually cheaper to install a steel garage door over a traditional wooden one. This is because steel is a metal that is practically indestructible, meaning it will last you a very long time with little maintenance. And what does long-lasting home improvement equipment combined with fewer repair bills equal? Better value for money!

Rarely rotting or rusting, your garage door will remain intact no matter the weather conditions in your area.

3. They Are Environmentally Friendly

Though your steel garage door will last you a lifetime, isn’t it still good to know that it will go to good use once it’s served its purpose in your home? This means no dumping in landfills but instead recycling. And, did you know that many steel garage doors are made from recycled steel? Ah, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

So, if you’re environmentally conscious (which most people are these days), choosing a steel garage door will be one of the most sustainable options out there.

4. They Are Versatile

Metal is a very versatile material, and it’s also not as expensive as wood. If you’re looking for a certain appearance or aesthetic, look into steel doors. For example, if you’re going for the look of carriage doors, this is the perfect material to achieve this look with. Or, if you’re someone who changes their mind often, steel doors can be easily painted over and over again. It’s because of this versatility, that steel doors continue to grow in popularity.

5. They Offer Safety and Security

Steel is a metal that can withstand just about anything. Remember the adverse weather conditions we talked about earlier? As well as strong storms, steel garage doors can also prevent intruders from attacking and other unwanted guests like pests from finding their way into your home. Steel is also highly resistant to flames and heat, which will make for a safer and more secure environment to protect your home and family.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

If you are thinking about changing your garage door, steel is one of the best materials to consider. It’s energy efficient, offers a great value for money, environmentally friendly, versatile, and offers ultimate safety. With all these benefits, we guarantee you won’t regret your choice!

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