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6 Innovative Accessories for Commercial Bathrooms That Your Visitors Will Love

27 December 2023

6 innovative accessories for commercial bathrooms
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Whether you just want to renovate the restroom in your commercial space or build a whole new one, understanding the needs of your customers is important. It’s not easy operating commercial bathrooms that get many visitors and require constant maintenance.

With that said, designing the ideal commercial restroom involves a lot more than just randomly putting certain things together. There’s a lot to be said about an establishment that puts in adequate time and effort when designing its bathroom. Commercial bathroom accessories that blend seamlessly with the restroom’s aesthetic can leave the user with a long-lasting visual impact.

Here are some of the innovative restroom accessories that customers will absolutely love.

Diaper Changing Table

Going into a public bathroom and finding a diaper-changing table when you need one can be a lifesaver. New parents will be changing their infant’s diapers a couple of times daily, and that can sometimes make having to do the said deed in a public bathroom incredibly challenging. Diaper changing tables can transform your whole experience and make it a family-friendly one. It shows that the owner of the business cares about the requirements of new parents.

Diaper changing stations are normally placed near the restroom’s washbasin, making it easier for users of the tables to gain easy access to water. Most stations have safety harnesses, so you can hold your infant securely and comfortably in place. They’ve also usually got designated areas for diaper changing bags and carry-ons, as well as things a new parent may require while cleaning their baby.

Sanitary Napkin Hygiene Panel

This piece of equipment is a game-changer when it comes to female hygiene. More business owners now understand  the importance of menstrual hygiene. These self-serving vending units are slowly becoming indispensable in commercial bathroom restrooms. Now, women do not have to worry and ponder about whether they’ll have access to the products they need in a public restroom.

All you need to do now to get what you need is push the button, and voila. Putting such panels in your commercial bathroom will take care of your customers’ many needs, including providing them with disposable bags, toilet paper, and sanitary napkins. This accessory helps make sure your customers or female clients aren’t inconvenienced.

Grab Bars and Sharps Containers

Installing grab bars in your commercial restroom is courteous to your elderly and disabled customers. In fact, this specific bathroom accessory is now mandatory in many parts of the United States. Grab bars help provide toilet users with a stabilizing handle they can use to move around from standing to sitting positions and vice versa. The long metal bars can be mounted on either side of the walls of the toilet.

Another great bathroom accessory is a sharps container. These containers help users who need a way to safely dispose of needles and any other sharp objects they may need to get rid of. Adding sharps containers to your commercial bathroom will comfort users who have various medical conditions. However, you must install the appropriate containers to make sure the customers are safe against any injuries or infection.

Hand Sanitizer

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become more concerned about safety and cleanliness. Introducing toilet seat sanitizers in your bathroom will be a fantastic way to make sure your customers get that additional safety. Okay, while you can’t get rid of all common touchpoints, installing such equipment will play a huge role in offering your customer that little extra comfort. It will also help reassure them regarding how safe your business premises are. Customers notice all the small details.

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