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A Guide To Garden Buildings Buying

Games room to a summer house to a garden office

6 Sep 2018

A Guide To Buying Garden Buildings

Here are 10 useful tips that can assist you in choosing a garden building that matches up to your needs.

From a games room to a summer house to a garden office, an additional space in your garden has the ability to transform both your working and family life. However, if you would like to achieve the most utility and pleasure from your garden building, you will need to think about different practical details. Here are 10 tips you can use to make a better choice.

Buying Garden Buildings Guide

  1. Size

A summer house is usually spacious enough that it will evolve according to your changing needs. An example of this is going from a child’s playhouse into an entertainment space. Yet, this building needs to fit into your available space, it should not block out the sun or be too large that you are not able to furnish it. To assist you in visualizing how the building will fit into your garden, you can use canes or tent pegs to mark the dimensions out (you will find building plans, that come with measurements on each product page).

  1. Log Thickness

We have provided detailed guides on timber-wall thickness that will assist you in choosing the right log thickness that will suit your garden. For example, if you are only planning to use your building for summer days, a 28mm timber thickness is more than enough.
If you plan to use the space for evening entertainment or for spring days, a timber thickness of 34mm is ideal. Most wooden summer houses for sale in the UK will fit the climate of the country, For all-year-round use, you may want to consider 44mm or even a 70mm logs. Every product page on our site offers helpful icons, with the log thickness which will always be displayed in mm (millimeters).

  1. Windows

Once again choose your windows according to the way you are planning to use the building. Plexiglass windows will keep your costs down, yet they provide less insulation when compared to glass. The single glazing options offers enough warmth in the months of spring and summer, yet double glazing offers enough insulation through-out the year.

Like with the log thickness, every product features an icon that will show each window type which includes plexi glass, the single glazed, the double glazed, or the double glazed+. Our GardenLife range also offers a range of window styles which include divided panels, large single panels and the tilt-and-turn mechanisms. Make sure you browse through the options before placing your order. If you seek a work / life rebalance you should think about getting a Garden room.

  1. Longevity

The timber type that you choose will have an effect on how long the building will last. The slow-grown timbers are much denser when compared to the fast-growing trees, which makes them more durable. There are other details that will also contribute to the longevity of the timber. Some of these examples include the use of laminated woods for your doorframes or pressure-treating your foundation joists. It is also important to check on the roof purlins size.

If you are interested in investing in a building for your garden that you can enjoy for many years, ensure you choose one of the building that features roof purlins that are thicker that run from apex-to-apex. This is one of the straightforward marks of durability and quality.
GardenLife use only slow grown Nordic spruce that guarantees longevity and durability, and all the product descriptions on our website list additional specific advantages for each product. If you wish to recalibrate your work / life balance could consider a Garden Office.

  1. Doors

The dimensions of your doors will make a significant difference on the practicality of your cabin. When it comes to a storage space, it is important to get your garden equipment or exercise equipment like bikes in as well as out in an easy way. This means you should be looking at the width of the door or even the option to choose double doors.

For a garage you would need to decide whether an up-and-over door or a front-opening door will match up to your requirements. Similar to the windows, each of the product pages offers icons that will specify the dimensions of the door. We offer many door types that include large-glazed panel or solid wood. Make sure you specify your choice when you place your order.

  1. Flooring And Roof Angle

When the gradient of the roof is completely different to any building nearby, the cabin will probably not match up to your existing décor. It is suggested to try achieve at least a match that is rough when it comes to roof gradients. We have icons displayed for your convenience at the bottom of each product page which will show the roof height, or when applicable the height to an overhang.

These icons also feature the exact size and gradient. Similar to the log thickness, the thicker floor materials and ceilings are better if you plan to use the building throughout the year, where the thinner materials are more suitable for summer use.

  1. Sustainability

If you prefer to purchase timber knowing that you are not contributing to deforestation and destroying the homes of wildlife that reside in these forests, look for the garden building that feature the FSC-certified icon. Timber associated with these products come from well-managed and sustainable sources.

  1. Planning Permission

In our planning guide we offer information that planning permissions will vary from one area to the next. However, if you are planning to position your building within 2 meters of the boundary or the structure is over 2.5m high, before erecting the building you will need planning permission. We do offer a variety of buildings which are either 2.5m or less in heights. If you are planning to connect the garden building to the electricity from your home or you are planning to use the cabin to live in, you will also need planning permissions.

  1. Construction

Not every home owner is a DIY enthusiast. Be sure to check on how simple it is to construct the garden buildings we have on offer. You may be wondering if these buildings are designed so they can be erected with DIY skills or will you require specialist equipment or when a professional installation will be required.

If you prefer a construction that is straightforward, many of the modern garden buildings that we have on offer come with pre-assembled roof and wall elements, which is perfect for hassle-free builds. Many of the garden buildings we provide can easily be erected with 2 people that have a bit of DIY experience along with a tool kit. In fact, it is only the log-cabin homes and chalet-style buildings that will require a profession installation. If you would prefer GardenLife to erect your garden building you can call us to provide you with a quote.

  1. Budget

We have garden buildings and cabins that match up to any budget, but you should still check on what your money can buy, as there are many variations. However, to ensure some of the products stay budget-friendly, some products will not include floors which are suitable to position over a paved surface or existing concrete.

In addition, a few products will also come without roofing materials which offers a way to finish your building on your own. Additionally, most of the more costly models that feature double-glazed windows and 70mm timber also come in similar designs which are cheaper with single glazing or thinner timber.

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