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The Architecture: Major Asset of the Casinos Compared to Online Casinos

15 Feb 2021

Architecture major asset compared to online casinos
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Casinos are known to be places of great prestige, luxury, and wonder. The objective is to captivate visitors from the moment they enter the casino. Then come to the games and services offered by the casino. But on this last point, online casinos such as guts casino have managed to impose themselves on gambling enthusiasts to the detriment of casinos. Among their many advantages, we can point out that online casinos are more secure and offer various bonuses and free promotions to players. And not to be unsubstantiated, use a link to as a real-life example to see how online casino sites actually evolve, pushing casinos to bet even more on their architectural assets.

As a result, some establishments have managed to become must-see tourist sites not only for casino gambling enthusiasts but also for simple visitors. All the details such as the shape, the lights, the colors are thought out to perfection in the design and architecture of these buildings. The interior decorations are just as notable. All this is aimed at making a strong impression, standing out from other casinos, and attracting more and more visitors. It also helps to encourage players to spend much more time in these casinos rather than on online gambling sites by providing a sumptuous setting for playing slots, blackjack, or poker.

The World’s Most Famous Casinos for Their Architecture

The Bellagio

No establishment brings out the charm of Italian palaces better than the Bellagio. This casino also bears the name of an Italian municipality. The Bellagio, open since October 15, 1998, is a luxurious hotel-casino located on the Strip in Las Vegas. Designed by the contractor Steve Wynn and several architectural firms, the building, which is in ochre and pastel colors, is 155 meters high and has 36 floors. It is impossible to miss this imposing building that stands majestically in front of a 600 square meter artificial lake and fountains. The fountains contribute greatly to its celebrity by the show of water jets, music and lights that they offer every night. The Bellagio has more than 3000 rooms, a large casino, a nightclub, restaurants, bars and many other attractions such as a botanical garden, swimming pools and spas. The casino, open 24 hours a day, occupies an area of 10,776 square meters, has many gaming tables, slot machines and even a room dedicated to sports betting.

The Venetian Resort

We stay in the architecture of Italian origin, with this casino located in Las Vegas that pays homage to Venice, the serenissima city of Italy. Opened in July 1999, this hotel casino carefully addresses the theme of Venice by reproducing architectural icons of this city such as the Campanile Tower, the Rialto Bridge and the Doge’s Palace. It is a skyscraper designed by the architectural firm KlingStubbins and commissioned by the American real estate developer Sheldon Adelson. The Venetian is a large hotel complex with over 7,000 rooms decorated to reflect opulence and extravagance. It offers various attractions such as its interior canals and gondolas. The main attraction, of course, is the 11,000 square meter casino, with its magnificent interior design, poker and blackjack tables and incredible rows of traditional slot machines. It is impossible to get bored in this casino hotel which, like the city of Venice, has the art of reinventing itself every time.

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

The name Monte-Carlo perfectly symbolizes all the prestige and luxury that emanates from this casino located in Monaco. Its eclectic Beaux-Arts-style architecture, known as eclectic, dates back to the 19th century and has lost none of its splendor over the decades of its existence. Gambling lovers all dream of playing here and living the wonderful experience described by several film scenes that have been shot here. Several great masters of architecture such as François Blanc and Charles Garnier, who designed the current building, competed in genius to make the Casino Monte-Carlo a reference in Monegasque architecture. The casino has several gaming rooms where regular and even new players can enjoy the games on offer. The Salle des Amériques and the Salle Renaissance are occupied by slot machines. Table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and even Punto Banco are located in the Europe Room. Not far from all these tables is a bar to allow players to take breaks between games. There are also several other private lounges to offer a little more comfort and privacy to visitors. Monte-Carlo is a casino that combines tradition and elegance in royal settings.

The Architecture of the Online Casinos

If it is true that casinos have as a particularity their remarkable architecture, we can also highlight the architecture of online casino sites. Indeed, the architecture of these last ones answers the same principles as that of the casinos. That is, to hold the attention of the players and encourage them to play on the site. This is why online casinos are constantly working to improve their virtual appearance. For some of them, the goal is to offer players an immersion as close as possible to the casino environment. There are hundreds of online casinos, making it difficult for players to choose a platform to play their favorite games. Thus, all aspects of an online casino and especially its appearance are important to its success with players.

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