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The Best Advice on How to Save Money and Time as a Student

23 Dec 2020

Being a student means spending. There is no cheap way to get a degree. Whether you get financial aid or not, there are lots of expenses you still need to cover.

Yet, money can be earned. This is the resource you can renew. When it comes to time, the situation is far more serious. The time factor is critical for students because their lifestyle has turned into an endless effort to find a balance between studies and work.

Some students feel absolutely discouraged by this. Yet, there are a few lucky ones who managed to strike the golden balance. How this is possible and what advice you should follow to strike the right balance is what our article is about.

How to Master Time-Saving Tricks?

Surprisingly many students waste their time, having no idea of the negative effects of procrastination. However, they can easily deal with this stuff by following several simple rules.

Delegate Tasks

Those students who’ve mastered the skill of time management know how beneficial it is to have somebody to help with errands, assignments, and duties. You do not have to do everything on your own. Instead, ask for help when you need it the most.

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Manage Your Calendar

To avoid surprises, make sure you have the calendar where you note every new deadline. If you do not do that, you are likely to end up buried under a huge pile of assignments.

Best advice on saving money as a student

You’ll need to learn to plan your day, week, and month to have time for your study, family, and work commitments. The better you can plan your time, the more of it you’ll have at your disposal.

Take Regular Breaks

We, humans, are not designed to function like machines. Every productivity peak is always followed by a decline. You’ll need to learn your rhythms to make sure you get the most from your activity period and have a proper rest when you take a break.

A great idea is to split every 20-30 minutes of your study or work activity with a 5 min break. If you can, switch activities to do something new, if you cannot – take a longer break.

Such a regime really helps you stay tuned and productive. Therefore, you save time you’d spend distracting and procrastinating.

Disable All Notifications

If you want to save time and work productively, the best thing you can do is to switch off your phone. Program it to receive emergency calls. The rest should not bother you.

Whenever you get a notification, you get tempted to check on it. This makes your focus and concentration fade, requiring extra time to lead you into that state again. Such pauses are not good for your brain and definitely bad for your time management goals.

How to Become a Money-Saving Guru

When it comes to money, the best advice to save it is to stop spending. When this is impossible, you’ll need to employ your creativity and numerical skills to cut your expenses.

Plan Your Budget

Making a budget is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many expenses and temptations that you can’t resist. Apart from fees, bills, and other important stuff, your pocket gets thinner when you go shopping, pay for entertainment, etc.

Best advice on saving money student tips

Planning can save you. For example, you can limit your budget for each of these expense categories. This will teach you to foresee the situation and allocate resources based on it.

For example, if you have a friend who has a birthday this month or plan to attend a party, you’ll need to save more for the entertainment category by cutting other expenses.

Automate Your Savings

There is no need to explain the importance of a financial cushion. Crises happen all the time, and sometimes you’ll need extra money to fill the gaps. This money should not come from your credit card. Instead, it is better to have some savings to support yourself.

A good idea is to automate your savings so that you don’t even see them in your income. At the same time, this money will accumulate in a certain proportion to your income, guaranteeing that you have extra resources when you really need it.

Get Used to Buying Used

Fortunately, we are moving from rejection to acceptance when it comes to our perceptions of used clothes, books, cars, etc. Many students now use websites promoting the sharing economy. For example, the same book is sold over and over for a lower price that lets you save both funds and help the planet.

Sell whatever you can if you do not use it. There are dozens of people in need of the stuff that you barely even touch. At the same time, see what others have to offer. Sometimes, a textbook which costs over $100 can be found with a 40% or 50% discount.

Use Student Discounts Whenever Possible

Students all over the world fight for their rights but often forget to ask about the most basic right they have – a discount. Lots of companies and organizations in the public and private sectors have claimed that student support is the cornerstone of their social responsibility. Yet, many of them prefer not to mention the discounts they offer to the general public.

For you, such discounts will definitely mean from 10% to 20% more savings per month. Is it something to ignore? This money can help you buy something valuable in several months.

Best advice on saving money as a student – Final Words

Time and money are two resources that students constantly complain about. But you have the power to turn these problems into your greatest competitive advantages. Do not miss the opportunity to make the most of what you have.

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