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Creative Ways to Use MDF in Your Home

30 May 2023

Want to add a touch of elegance to your home without breaking the bank? Check out some creative ideas to help incorporate MDF into your own decor.

Creative ways to use MDF in your home

If you are familiar with construction and DIY, it is likely that you have come across MDF at some point in your experience. With a history dating back hundreds of years, MDF is a material that has grown increasingly popular in the world of home improvements today.

MDF can be used to build a wide range of furniture, crafts, and unique architectural features for your home. This article will explore some creative ways to utilise MDF, doing so in a way that can enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your living space.

What is MDF?

A type of engineered wood, MDF (or ‘medium density fibreboard’) is produced by breaking down wood fibres and mixing them with a resin binding agent. They are then pressed into flat panels by applying high pressure and temperature. The resulting MDF boards are smooth and solid, making them a great surface for painting.

Can I use MDF in my own home?

MDF is an extremely versatile material, used by novices and experts alike for a variety of home-improvement ventures. However, as with many building materials, it is essential that you take appropriate measures to keep yourself safe when using them. As MDF is a product that can emit dangerous particles when inhaled, it is always advised that you wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (such as safety glasses and a mask) when working with the product.

MDF Shelving Units

MDF shelving units are a versatile storage solution that can be fitted just about anywhere in your home. With the option to custom build the shelves to any size or shape that you like, you will also have the ability to paint them in a style that perfectly matches your decor. Floating shelves, in particular, are a very unique and fashionable style of furniture which can be fashioned using MDF boards.

MDF Bookcases

Much like shelving units, bookcases are a perfect way to showcase your distinctive items to visitors, all in a way that will highlight the unique atmosphere of your home. A robust and stable material, MDF bookcases can be strengthened to support greater loads and weights, meaning you can display all the items you please with this durable and inexpensive material.

MDF Plant Boxes

Indoor plants are a wonderful addition to any living space. Proven to reduce stress levels, boost mood, and improve creativity, incorporating plants into the home can come with an array of benefits. With the help of MDF boards, you can even build your own personal greenhouse; all in the shape, size and design of your choice. Just remember to line the inside of the box with a pot or liner to protect the MDF from moisture.

MDF Picture Frames

MDF can be easily cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, making it the perfect material for designing your very own picture frames. MDF is also brilliant for customisation as the smooth surface makes it easy to paint MDF without the fuss!

Start your design journey with MDF today

A great material for first-time DIYers, crafting unique homewares with MDF can be a fun and rewarding exercise for unique home improvements. There are plenty of suppliers sourcing MDF at a reasonable price. However, if you’re not sure where to start looking, head on over to Cworkshop. This London-based supplier can offer you reliable, high-quality materials for enhancing your home, and they can even cut your MDF boards to size for you.

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