DIY methods to stay away from common pests

DIY methods to stay away from common pests at home Tips, Advice, Help

DIY methods to stay away from common pests at home

9 Dec 2020

Pest is the unwanted bugs that will ruin your property as well as affect your health badly. So why not try some DIY techniques to make the pest stay away from your home? There are lots of home remedies or Do it yourself techniques are available to keep the pest away.

DIY methods to stay away from house pests

Here are some of the DIY techniques are listed below:-

  • Garlic-mint insect spray: – it is an effective spray to stop the insects from entering your property. Take some mint leaves and garlic cloves blend them in a mixer then add cayenne pepper and just a drop of dishwashing liquid. Put this mixture in a pan and bring to boil then left overnight. The next day, strain out into a spray bottle and stop pest outside.
  • Coffee grounds: – Pest hate coffee as the smell of coffee doesn’t like by the pest. You just need to use recycled coffee grounds at areas from where pest entering you home.
  • Hot Pepper spray: – It will be a more reliable and effective way to keep the pest away. Try mixing 1 gallon of water and 3 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes. Or you can use 10-12 peppers chopped up thoroughly. Simmer the ingredients for 15 minutes in a pan and let it rest for a day before starting. Add some drops of dishwashing liquid but spread on your plants wisely.
  • Citrus Peels: – It is a completely natural pest control technique which keeps the pest like spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. All you need to do just rub the peels over the areas where the problem arises. Windowsills, doorways, and bookshelves are the better areas to start.
  • White Vinegar: – If you feel that you have cleaned up all your food sources but still ants are attracting towards it, and then try white vinegar which is the perfect solution. Ants have a nature to leave a trail of pheromones which warns other ants. Try to remove the chemical trail once it is gone, no ants will start
  • Plant herbs: – all the natural herbs are easy to grow but try to grow citrus herbs such as mint, lemongrass, and citronella plants near the surroundings of your home entrance which will stop pests to get inside. The strong smell of herbs repels them and they start to find another place to target. Just try to grow these herbs in a garden box or a container.
  • Cinnamon: – Cinnamon is the best ingredient that can be used outside areas of your home to keep bugs away from entering. Especially ants won’t ever be cross the cinnamon line. You can also cinnamon over your counters to destroy the scent trails left by ants. Sprinkles cinnamon powder in the affected areas.

DIY methods to stay away from common pests

Hiring pest removal team like Empire Pest Control ( will help you get rid of the pests smoothly and safely. So these are some remedies or you can say DIY techniques which help to get the pest away from your home or stop at your entrances. Using these techniques you can live germs free life as well as maintain a healthy environment in your home. It is a completely natural way to control the entering of pests into your property.

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