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Tips for DIY Water Damage and Black Mould Remediation in Bethesda

Jan 21, 2021

DIY Water Damage Black Mould Remediation in Bethesda Maryland USA

Water damage is one of the things that homeowners do not have control over. While this may seem to be a bit out of human control, the remediation is solely within reach if you contact the right professionals. These professionals are saddled with the remediation of all damages that may occur as a result of wrong flow or gathering of water.

Water damage can lead to mold infestation as they thrive in wet environment. Molds reproduce through small spores that are inherent in indoor and outdoor air. If you encounter water damage, mold infestation, or sewage damage, there are professionals like Restore U Now services who specialize in remediation and restoration of your home to a good condition.

We have also outlined some tips to help you deal with this situation if it happens in your home. Please feel free to check them out below.

Tips for Water Damage and Black Mould Remediation

DIY Water Damage and Black Mould Remediation in Bethesda

The following are some tips to help you work through the situation:


You have to inspect your facility to ascertain the true extent of damage done. When inspecting the facility, be careful so you don’t endanger your life by stepping on slippery grounds.

Removal of Damaged Equipment

The next procedure after inspection will be to remove the broken equipment. These equipment can be a leaky pipe, a broken sewer line, toilet or sink. During removal, take your time to check so you don’t injure yourself with the broken parts or expose yourself to any other form of harm. A good way to do this will be to use personal protective equipment (PPE) like suits, boots, respirators, and gloves as explained here:

Replacement of Damaged Equipment

After removing the broken equipment, the next step will be replacing the damaged equipment. Doing this will require that you be careful so you don’t end up causing more damage than what was previously done. If it is the water pipe that is leaking, then you are in luck as all it requires may be a quick fix. While this may be a quick and easy one for some, other people may require a guide to fix it.

Cleanup Contaminated Area

After replacing the broken equipment, the ideal step to take will be to clean up the contaminated areas to ensure safety. It is always recommended that you flush the area with 200 degree water and also apply a good anti-microbial reagent to fight off any bacteria. While applying these microbials, be careful not to overshoot the application as they could affect people with respiratory problems or a weak immune system.

You can check out this video to see the classification of anti-microbial agents so you understand the usage.

DIY Water Damage and Black Mould Remediation in Bethesda Conclusion

Water damage can cause serious issues in the home if not properly handled. Black mold is also a major threat to the integrity of a building and should not be overlooked. If you live in Bethesda, there are professionals who are skilled in black mould remediation and all forms of damages that may occur as a result of water gathering wrongly. We have also outlined tips to help you if you want to go the DIY route

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