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Door Handle Trends in 2024

10 June 2024

The black door handle trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2024 and no wonder – the clean finish will suit most décor styles and goes perfectly with the current minimalist trend. But that’s not the only colour trend we’ve noticed here at Tradefit so read on and get the inside scoop on the current trends for door furniture in 2024.

Door handle trends in 2024 guide

1. Matte Black: The Timeless Modern Choice

Matte black continues to reign supreme in the world of interior design. Its sleek, sophisticated look complements a variety of design styles, from contemporary to industrial. The neutral yet bold tone of matte black handles makes them a versatile choice, seamlessly integrating into different colour schemes and instantly making any interior look modern and high-end. This trend is particularly popular in minimalist interiors, where the simplicity of matte black handles enhances the overall aesthetic without overpowering the design.

2. Brushed Brass: A Nod to Vintage Glamour and Embracing Maximalism

Brushed brass door handles have made a surprising comeback in 2024, most likely due to the maximalist design movement (more is definitely more with this trend). No longer associated with traditional and outdated style, brass has been at the centre of the vintage revival – think art deco opulence that exudes luxury without looking tacky. We predict brass handles aren’t going anywhere in 2024.

3. Satin Nickel: The Epitome of Subtle Elegance

For those who prefer a more understated look, satin nickel is the go-to choice that never goes out of style. This finish offers a soft, muted sheen that blends seamlessly with contemporary and traditional décor, without the high maintenance of chrome. Satin nickel door handles are known for their durability and timeless appeal, making them a practical and stylish choice for any home. They work particularly well in spaces that aim for a clean, cohesive look, effortlessly enhancing a room without drawing too much attention.

4. Copper: Embracing Warmth and Richness

Copper door handles are gaining popularity for their unique ability to bring warmth and richness into a space, and their anti-bacterial properties make them popular in healthcare environments. This distinctive finish, also known as Rose Gold, stands out with its reddish-brown hue, adding rustic charm and character to any interior. Copper handles develop a natural patina over time, giving them a living finish that evolves and adds to their appeal. This trend is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of materials that age gracefully and tell a story.

5. White and Off-White: Crisp and Clean Minimalism

At the opposite end of the maximalist décor, the minimalist trend continues to dominate in 2024, with white and off-white door handles growing in popularity. Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese interiors, these colours offer a fresh, clean look that enhances the simplicity and tranquillity of minimalist interiors. White and off-white handles work well with a variety of door colours and materials, making them a versatile choice for homeowners. Their crisp appearance also adds a modern touch to any room, making them a popular choice for contemporary spaces.

6. Bronze: The Perfect Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Bronze door handles are making waves in 2024, striking a perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles. With their deep, rich tones and sophisticated finish, bronze handles add elegance and timelessness to any home. This versatile colour works well with a range of design styles but is most suited to vintage-style and traditional homes

7. Chrome: A Classic Finish

Polished and satin chrome door handles have always been the go-to choice for commercial and domestic environments, and their popularity shows no sign of waning in 2024. Chrome looks great in a handle on rose or backplate version, although polished chrome will require more maintenance to keep it looking shiny (and hiding fingerprints).

8. Wood: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Wooden door handles will always be a popular choice for bringing a sense of warmth to any home. As more and more people incorporate wooden features into their home by way of wall panels and natural timber furniture, wooden door handles are the obvious choice to harmonise a space. And it’s not just door handles – we’ve seen a big rise in customers looking for wooden cabinet handles this year so it’s safe to say this trend is on the rise.


While black door handles continue to dominate interior trends in 2024, it’s really a matter of personal design choice and what suits your lifestyle. Design trends will come and go so it’s important to ensure that your door hardware complements and blends with your overall decor. Consider daily maintenance of the finish and how well the colour fits with the room its going into. Either way, changing your door handles can be a low-cost way of upgrading a space with maximum impact.

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