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Edinburgh’s Seven Most Beautiful Buildings

13 Jan 2020

The city of Edinburgh remains well-known across the world and throughout Europe for its ancient structures. The beautiful buildings of Edinburgh continue to fascinate both tourists and architects alike as they marvel at the beautiful stone structures and impressive glass work of the area.

These seven buildings are some of the most popular attractions as they are the most beautiful buildings:

1. Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace - Edinburghs Seven Most Beautiful Buildings

Those that enjoy the world of kings and queens will relish in the beauty that this palace offers. It is home to the British monarch in Scotland and large enough to raise a few eyebrows. Perfectly shaped turrets reach towards the sky as the sun casts a beautiful shine on the perfectly manicured gardens. Built from stone, this castle is the one from your favorite children’s fairy tales.

2. Scottish Parliament Building

Scottish Parliament Building - Edinburgh's Seven Most Beautiful Buildings

The Scottish Parliament Building is one that modern décor fans will truly enjoy. It is covered in geometric shapes, curves and the perfect amount of abstract patterns. It was designed to replicate the hills of Scotland, and it mirrors the image perfectly. This building is a must see for those that enjoy unique beauty. This building is always very well maintained because they hire a cleaning service to clean the building which is less common in Edinburgh compared to the capital of Great Britain. The advantage of London is that there are more specialized cleaning services like emop compared to Edinburgh. This is because the amount of inhabitants in the city and in London the demand is also much higher.

This Scottisch Parliament building only started to go in effect from 1997 after the Treaty of Union was created. Before that the Parliament of Great Britain which was housed in the Palace of Westminster in London. As a consequence, Scotland was directly governed from London for the next 292 years without a legislature or a Parliament building of its own.

3. St. Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrews Cathedral is so impressive that it is considered one of the man made wonders of Scotland. Vast stone archways give way to lush green lawns, stone walkways and a cathedral that has marvelled millions of visitors. Although it is a ruined cathedral, it still maintains its classic beauty in the architectural masterpieces that remain.

4. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburghs Seven Most Beautiful Buildings - Castle

Edinburgh Castle is more than just another stone castle, it is a fortress. Tall stone walls blot out the sun as this intimidating structure sits menacingly atop a cliff. This castle was designed to both represent and defend this country, and that can be seen in every inch of Gothic architectural brilliance.

5. Scott Monument

This monument remains the biggest monument ever made for a writer. It was finished almost 200 years ago and continues to be one of the most popular attractions in Edinburgh. Its classic stone beauty makes it the perfect photo opportunity, and the locals enjoy the breath taking view of the surrounding area when they climb almost 200 stairs up a winding staircase to the top of this historical monument. Those interested in learning can enjoy the life work of the famous writer that this beautiful building in Edinburgh was built for.

6. Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abby has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most charming, romantic buildings in the area. It is a partly ruined abbey, meaning that parts of it were left in ruins while other parts remain fully intact. The parts that remain possess a beauty that Edinburgh has become well known for. Stone structures and romantic archways provide an appeal to fans of Gothic architecture, making it one of the most visited structures in the area.

7. The Kelpies

These two magnificent structures impress all who see them. Two steel structures that are in the shape of a horses from the neck up are lit beautifully every single night. The majestic appearance of these two amazing structures mesmerizes a person every time that the see them, whether it is the first time or the hundredth. Tourists often enjoy a trip inside of the two horse shaped buildings to marvel at the engineering that made these two beauties possible. They are situated along the waterway to tell visitors that they have reached the gateway to the canal.

Edinburgh is one of the locations in Scotland that is known for it’s rolling hills, beautiful buildings and unique landmarks, such as the Kelpies. It’s mesmerizing beauty never fails to impress tourists, inspire artists or encourage tourists to see more of the beautiful country.

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