Finding inspiration in Edinburgh: 5 constructions, Scotts Monument, Holyrood Palace, Castle

Finding Inspiration In Edinburgh Construction

21 September 2023

Finding inspiration in Edinburgh: 5 constructions
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Before delving into a new commercial construction project, it can be a good idea to look around a bit and get some inspiration. The best place to do this? Edinburgh.

We might be biased, but Edinburgh is the number one most beautiful city in the UK – perhaps even in contention as being one the most beautiful cities in the world.

While this is largely down to the number of incredible, historical buildings – the Scotts Monument, Holyrood Palace, heck, Edinburgh Castle was even built on a volcano – there are several modern projects that have created the same impact.

These are the buildings that we’re going to discuss in this article. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are five of the most impressive structures in Edinburgh:

Finding Inspiration In Edinburgh: 5 Constructions To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Scottish Parliament

If ever you needed a demonstration of why precast concrete is so preferable for new construction projects, it’s the Scottish Parliament. Described as the most innovative design in the UK, this is an intricately designed building, with jagged ceilings, walls, ceilings, and concrete that looks more like shards of glass. Even if it’s just for the exterior, a precast retaining wall can be incredibly versatile to fit the exact shape and size that the architect is looking for, and as the Scottish Parliament building has proven, it certainly works to nail down the design.

Martello Court

While it might not be as visually stunning as the Scottish Parliament, Martello Court is a showcase of efficiency. At 210 feet tall, it’s one of the tallest buildings in the city, and at least 50% of the structure is made up of usable living space. All of the flats are also designed to maximise the living experience of occupants and perfectly match their needs, proving that simplicity is sometimes key to a great new construction project.

Appleton Tower

Appleton Tower is a tower block owned by the University of Edinburgh, offering five lecture theatres for arts and science students in the city. This is a seamless construction that mixes both modernity and subtlety. In order to get a construction project off the ground, it’s important that the proposed building matches the aesthetic of the location and doesn’t butt itself into the status quo. Appleton Tower is a great example of this. It’s new, stark, and imposing, and yet blends perfectly with the rest of Edinburgh.

National Museum Of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland demonstrates how important pre-planning is with a project. Finished in 1998, the design incorporates a number of references to Scotland’s history, with every detail of the construction hinting at something meaningful. Like the Appleton Tower, it also sits perfectly in the skyline, almost as if it’s a centuries-old castle that’s been given a makeover. If your construction project is going to be a success, it has to get the little details right, and the National Museum Of Scotland is a great example of how to do this.

The W Hotel Edinburgh

We thought we’d finish off with something a little different. Getting inspiration isn’t always about seeing something beautiful – sometimes you can gain some inspiration from a design project which doesn’t get it right. With this in mind, the W Hotel at St James Quarter is a perfect example of how not to go about constructing your new building.

The steel is weak – parts of it had to be taped with duct tape a few days after launch – the interior is confusing, and the design itself almost destroys the Edinburgh skyline, with some residents stating that the W Hotel looks like a certain unsanitary emoji. It just shows that, even with a lot of time and a big budget, construction projects can fall flat if the appropriate care isn’t given. So heed it as a warning before you get going!

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