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Finding The Right Architect To Hire Guide

21 Nov 2020

Finding the right architect to hire

Finding The Right Architect To Appoint Guide

May you be planning to build or renovate your home, one of the professionals you have to seriously consider when hiring is the Architect. The architect plays a huge role in helping you achieve your dream home. Out of the many architects to hire, have you thought which of them can help you achieve your dream home?

This task may not be as easy as you think but needless to say, as long as you know the guidelines of choosing one, this supposedly tedious job will become easier.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Architect

Here are some of the factors you may want to consider when choosing an architect to hire:

  • Easy to communicate

Make sure that the architect you will hire is very easy to communicate and collaborate with. You are about to depend on your dream home in their hands; hence it is only fair if you work with professionals who do not only speak their mind but also listen. Also make sure that the Architect has a good website – like

Apart from choosing an architect that listens and is easy to collaborate with, you may also want to consider those that have many available lines to reach them. You sure want to hire an architect that has an available social media account, a mobile phone, a working email, etc. The more communication lines they open, the easier it is for you to call them when necessary.

  • Charges cheap

Choosing an architect that charges cheaper yet offers high quality of service is a must. Of course, you will not focus just on how much they charge as you have to be more vigilant and watchful on how good they are.

Make sure that the architect is able to provide high quality of service yet does not charge sky rocketing fees.

  • Has a good reputation

Their reputation matters a lot when looking for an architect to hire. When measuring reputation, there are a lot of things you can consider:

  • The number of years they are working as an architect
  • Samples of their work
  • Reviews made by their previous clients
  • How the people you know see them
  • Their qualifications

If there are a lot of complaints on their work, you may want to dig deeper before deciding to hire their service. You may want to ask the reasons why they are disappointed with his/her service and if there are actions done after they filed a complaint.

  • Offers a contract

Yes, it is a must that you choose an architect that offers a contract. The contract will bind his/her service and assures that you can get exactly what you have discussed. Without the contract, things may not be completed as planned, yet the architect has no responsibility about it.

On the contract, make sure that everything is clear, detailed and well explained. If you have questions or hesitations, do not hesitate to share it with the architect. Never sign a contract unless everything is clear, including the fine prints.

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