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Five Tips for Caring for Your Truck

1 August 2022

When you own a truck, it is necessary to protect and care for it. Car maintenance is essential to keep you and your vehicle safe and ensure that it is always in top condition. Regular maintenance allows you to spot issues early and fix them before they become a bigger problem.

Five tips for caring for your truck
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Here are some recommendations from professional mechanics that will ensure your truck’s longevity.

Five Tips for Caring for Your Truck List

  1. Regularly change engine filter and oil

Your truck’s engine needs to be clean to lubricate and protect its moving parts. Debris, dirt, and dust from the engine and the environment can contaminate the engine oil easily. Dirty engine oil becomes corrosive and wears down some of the engine’s parts. As a result, your exhaust could be smokier, or you can smell oil inside the truck. Car manufacturers and trained mechanics usually recommend getting an oil change every 7,500 miles (about six months) for newer truck models. You should also clean the air filter regularly or replace it when it is too dirty.

  1. Check the levels of all fluids

Aside from the engine oil, it is necessary to check the brake fluid levels, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant. The power steering fluid acts as hydraulic fluid, which moves the different components of the steering system of your truck.

Changing it regularly will prolong the life of the parts of the power steering system, which are expensive. Replacing the brake fluid ensures that the brakes will work properly. At the same time, you should always have clean windshields to protect them and help you see what is in front of you clearly. Finally, the engine coolant keeps your truck at optimal temperature.

  1. Install a truck bed liner

Protecting your truck bed is vital. For a pickup truck, this is the most used part of the vehicle. Whether you load logs, construction materials, or chemicals, installing a truck bed liner will protect the bed. For example, the Durabak bedliner, which is made of polyurethane, provides a strong layer of defense. It will make the truck bed resistant to liquid, dust, debris, and rust for several years.

  1. Clean your truck

Keeping your truck clean will prevent pests from turning your vehicle into their nests. Cleaning the car will also ensure dust, dirt, or mold does not accumulate. It is likewise important to clean the truck’s exterior. When the vehicle is clean, it protects the painted surface. Do not forget the undercarriage when cleaning the truck’s body. You can give extra protection by painting it with a polyurethane truck bed liner.

  1. Avoid overloading

While a truck is a rugged type of vehicle and can withstand some harsh treatments, it is essential not to overload it. Overloading strains your engine, brakes, and suspension. In addition, loading more than the recommended weight can lead to premature wear and tear. Otherwise, consider investing in suspension upgrades.

Regular inspection and servicing, at least once or twice a year, will ensure that your truck will always be in top condition. Further, the mechanic can perform needed preventive maintenance or recommend replacement or upgrades according to your truck’s condition.

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