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How to Keep Vaping Green (as in recycling the parts)

10 August 2022

How to keep vaping green: eco vaper

Vaping is a much safer option for smokers. A regular cigarette contains 7000 chemicals, many of which are toxic, while vapes contain nicotine, flavoring water, and a glycol-based substance.

Vaping exposes you to lesser toxins than a traditional cigarette and is 95% safer for your body. It is an ecological risk. Seven hundred sixty-six thousand five hundred seventy-one metric tons of cigarette waste are added to the environment every year; hence it is important to take action towards a more environment-friendly way of vaping.

Vapors have plastic bottles attached to them and other parts that can prove to be harmful to the environment when you dispose of your vape products.

As responsible members of society, there are a few things that we can do to keep vaping green and reduce its carbon footprint

Use Organic E-Juice

Eco-friendly manufacture of the product can ensure the user of its lesser harm to the environment. E-Juices are based on nicotine, flavored water, and glycol-based substances.

If you choose a vape with synthetic glycol, i.e., propylene glycol, that suggests that the manufacturer went through creating the synthetic liquid that harms the environment, as many toxins are released in this process.

Instead, if you choose an Organic glycol-based product, it would ensure that the vape is made of vegetable glycerin. Such a product also has a lesser harmful impact on the environment due to its biodegradable components.

Reuse the Vape

In the process of recycling, reusing your product is an environmental requisite. The vape pens containing disposable atomizers have coils that cannot be replaced, so the user has to dispose of their vapor. This kind of vaping is costly in the longer run.

There are many reusable Vaping pens available today. The coils in these pens can be easily removed and replaced so that users can reuse the cell. The procedure of replacing the coil is not that difficult either. You can also use cotton coils to make the experience greener.

Avoid Plastic Cartridges

The 10 ml Plastic cartridges are very harmful to the environment. First of all, the cartridges increase plastic production, directly affecting the plastic waste in the background. Moreover, there are conflicting opinions on if these cartridges can be recycled or not.

Some companies claim that the plastic can be recycled after washing them first. Once the nicotine is removed, the bottles can be recycled. However, it is better to use a glass cartridge to benefit the environment and reduce plastic waste.

Glass cartridges can last longer and you can reuse them. The refill process is also very easy. You just remove the top and fill it with a syringe.

Abstain Power Abuse

Power wasting can also affect the environment as badly as any other waste. If you have a vape with batteries do not keep the vape on while you are not using it. Once you have used it, turn it off. If you keep it on standby, you will drain out the batteries faster.

If you own a rechargeable Vape, charge it till its battery is fully charged, do not charge it for long hours overnight. This way you will be able to save energy and also ensure safety.

Use Quality Hardware

Disposing of your vape can be a very demanding job. Many vapes need to be replaced every 3 months; this not just increases the waste material of the vape but also makes you spend more money.

Buying a quality vape will extend the life of the vape and you can reuse it more times and it will reduce the waste material.

Avoid Modified Vapes

Vaping is also used by some as a means to quit smoking cigarettes. As cigarettes are harmful and can cause harmful diseases. It is found that vapes found on the black market or shady online sources can also be very harmful to you.

Do not put any substance in your vape other than what the company recommends. Only buy vapors from trusted sources. Refrain from buying vapes from random people on the street or workplace. Briefly put, before buying a Vape do thorough research.

Recycle Your Vapes

Recycling can be incredibly effective for environmental health. You need to dispose of your vape products very carefully. Many parts of the Vape need proper recycling such as batteries, vape coils, and e-liquid bottles.

If you use a vape and dispose of it in the trash bin it involves many risks for the environment. For Example, if you have an e-liquid that is expired do not throw it in the trash, it is better to dispose of it in an absorbent substance so that animals don’t intake the e-liquid.

Vaping can have many damaging impacts and you can play a part in reducing its negative impacts. Following these guidelines will help make the environment cleaner and more natural. With the increase in climate change, it is crucial to be careful in all walks of life.

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How to become a more eco-friendly vaper
How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper?


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