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How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper Guide

8 Sep 2020

The primary reason behind the invention of vaporizers was to develop a device that would allow for a safer consumption of tobacco. However, over the years, vaping has evolved from a smoking-cessation aid into a lifestyle. Many vapers today use the devices to consume other substances besides tobacco, such as cannabis.

But as more people worldwide jostle to join in on the vaping craze, it’s important to be alive to the potential damage that vaping might cause to the environment. While vaping doesn’t produce smoke, there are other ways it can damage our environment.

This article shall highlight some tips on how to vape in a more eco-friendly manner.

How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper?

How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper Advice

Ways to Become an Eco-friendly Vaper

  1. Buy Locally

One of the best ways to become an eco-friendly vaper is to buy your vape products from the store down the blocks. That includes your e-cig and its accessories, as well as your CBD vape juice.

But how does buying locally save the environment?

In a typical day, millions of gallons of fuel are consumed distributing vape products to different regions globally. When you order your products from an overseas company, you’re directly adding to the global carbon footprint by increasing the fuel used to transport the product to your location.

A vape pen:
How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper?

  1. Recycle, Reuse, or Donate

Another way to become an environmentally-mindful vaper is to recycle or reuse what you can. For instance, a vape mod with variable wattage can be reused with various tanks. That will save you the cost of purchasing a new tank and the potential ecological damage from disposing of the old tanks.

If you cannot reuse some of the vape accessories, at least recycle them. Just be sure to follow professional e-cig disposal instructions to avoid causing undue injury to yourself and the environment.

Better yet, you can donate your unused vape attachments to some of your friends or family members. You may stumble upon a collector who accepts old vaporizer parts in exchange for a small fee if you’re lucky enough.

  1. Avoid Vape Devices Made of Non-biodegradable Material

The main components of a vaporizer include the heating chamber, battery, tank, and mouthpiece. These components are made of one or more of the following materials – metal, glass, rubber, and plastic.

As an eco-friendly vaper, you should avoid devices that feature non-biodegradable materials like plastic. While these materials tend to be cheaper than their biodegradable counterparts, they’re hazardous to the environment, especially where you have to dispose of them every other day.

However, you’ll discover that certain components of a vaporizer function more efficiently using non-biodegradables. For instance, the heating coil cannot be made of rubber, plastic, or wood as it would melt the moment you turn the device on.

In such cases, insist on highly durable materials, such as titanium. That will extend your vaporizer’s life and minimize the frequency with which you dispose of the part. Alternatively, you can go for not-so-durable components but ensure you recycle them.

Vape devices

How to Become a More Eco-friendly Vaper?

  1. Choose E-Liquids over Concentrates and Dry Herbs

Vape products come in various shapes and forms, including e-liquids, concentrates, and dry herbs. Ideally, the substance that you choose to vape depends on your unique tastes and preferences.

However, vaping e-liquid is known to present fewer risks to the environment than concentrates and dry herbs. That’s because dry herbs and concentrates require a relatively higher temperature to vaporize. In the process of heating them, some toxic fumes may be produced along with the vapor.

  1. Shun Closed-pod Vaping Systems

Most beginner vapers usually go for simple closed-pod vaping kits that are easy to set up and disassemble. But that convenience comes with a dangerous tradeoff. Many of these kits will have you replacing the pre-filled e-liquid cartridge every so often.

Also, you’ll need to disassemble these kits and wash all their components after every use or at least every other day. That translates to disposing of about 10 grams of plastic after every two days. If these happen to be non-biodegradable matter, you can only imagine how injurious they can be to the environment.

Needless to say, cleaning closed-pod kits too regularly also increases the risks of self-injury. Plus, it’s a tedious process that not many vapers would want to subject themselves to. Instead of closed-pod systems, insist on open-pod kits where you fill the e-liquid cartridge manually.

  1. Use a Refillable Vape Tank

One of the advantages of refillable vape tanks is that it reduces the number of things you’ll be disposing of at any given time. With a refillable vape tank, the only thing you’ll be disposing of every few weeks is a replacement coil. And if you’re using recyclable coils, then you’ll not be disposing anything at all for a couple of weeks. All you need is a robust cleaning and maintenance plan for your refillable vape tank.

Besides reducing the number of environmental wastes, refillable vape tanks also eliminate the cost you’d otherwise incur purchasing a new tank after using your current THC vape juice.

  1. Switch up Your E-Juice

A vape juice consists of different ingredients, including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, and other substances like nicotine, cannabidiol (CBD), etc. When buying an e-liquid, insist on products that are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients.

For instance, vegetable glycol is plant-based, which makes it completely biodegradable. So, you can opt for an e-juice with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol. While this might affect the vapor-producing abilities of the e-juice, it ensures that fewer non-biodegradable matter ends up in the landfills.

Vaping smoker woman

Evidently, becoming an eco-friendly vaper is easier than most people might imagine. It mostly comes down to checking the biodegradability of every vape product before buying it. Besides being easy on the environment, eco-friendly vaping is also easier on your health and pockets.

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