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Edinburgh Airport : Building Expansion

Scottish Air Development – Extension News + Control Tower

Edinburgh Airport

Location: just west of Edinburgh, close to M8/M9 interchange, West Lothian

Edinburgh Airport Telephone: 0870 040 0007

Edinburgh Airport Building News
21 Aug 2013 – Edinburgh Airport is to invest £25m in a significant expansion of the airport’s terminal building. The new 6,000 sqm facility will be built around a larger security area that will allow passengers to move through that part of the airport faster and more efficiently. The use of extra space, coupled with new technology, processes and training will mark a step change in the service provided to UK airport passengers.
There will also be new retail areas and a brand new airline business centre. The extension will see the terminal move into the space currently occupied by the airport’s coach park, moving the terminal access closer to the new tram stop. By moving the security area into this extension, valuable space within the terminal will be freed for more passenger and retail spaces including the airport’s first walk through store. Edinburgh Airport will offer more choice to its passengers than ever before.
The new £25m terminal expansion is the first major project in an ambitious £150m investment plan. Work will begin in Oct 2013, with the new security product operational by late 2014. The new retail space will follow in 2015.

News: Rail Link Proposal
Railway station within main terminal of the airport. EARL will provide direct rail services between Edinburgh Airport and stations across Scotland: plans approved by Scottish Executive Mar 2007, approx. cost £610m
Edinburgh Airport Rail Link – currently shelved (at time of writing)

New Building: Control Tower
BAA Edinburgh Edinburgh Airport, at night

The building looks superb at night due to well-considered lighting around the base: the tower appears to float

Control Tower, Scotland Scottish Airport Building BAA Edinburgh

We were shown round the Edinburgh Airport building in late Sep 2005

Reid Architecture New Control Tower Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport images from BAA Scotland via Reid Architecture

The project, opened 7 Nov 2005, won Commercial Project of the Year at the Builder and Engineer Awards in Nov 2005

Jul 2005 Photos:

Edinburgh Building Reid Architecture Edinburgh Airport Architects Edinburgh Airport

The Control Tower scaffolding was stripped down to base section May 2005

Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport images received by request – Laing O’Rourke: 240505

The Air Traffic Control Tower for BAA Scottish Airports was designed by REID architecture as an ‘architectural statement’, an ‘iconic design’ and a ‘flagship building’. It is 57m high and combines base with tower due to the compact site and security issues.

under construction 2004
Edinburgh Airport image – Dec 2004

No larger image:
Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport: image © Adrian Welch

Recent work includes a multi-storey car park that opened in late 2004. Plans for expansion at Edinburgh Airport – a possible new terminal – and connecting rail links, are afoot: any comments were to be received no later than 31 Aug 2005. The BAA masterplan was launched 19 May 2005. A second, parallel, runway may be required and the requirements for aircraft parking and terminal development may necessitate the relocation of the Royal Highland Showground.

The original Turnhouse building was by Robert Matthew. This BAA airport is located 7 miles west of the capital. Edinburgh Airport is growing fast and is due to overtake Glasgow Airport in 2006 to become the busiest in Scotland.

Edinburgh Airport Travelodge development

Edinburgh Airport in 2005 handled over 8 million passengers a year

Edinburgh Airport Control Tower : Civic Trust Awards 2006 Scotland Commendation

Airport Buildings

Adjacent buildings include Royal Bank of Scotland Headquarters

REID architecture were also responsible for Kinnaird Park Shopping Centre

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