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Forth Road Bridge Toll

Forth Bridge Tollbooth, Scotland

Forth Road Bridge Toll Booth Canopy + Admin Building Extension

for Forth Estuary Transport Authority

News Update Feb 2008:
Tollbooths being removed w/c 11th February

Project info from Reiach and Hall Architects 120407:

Forth Road Bridge Toll Booth Canopy New Toll Booth Canopy Forth Road Bridge Tollbooth Canopy Forth Road Bridge Toll

Photography © Paul Zanre photography

Forth Road Bridge Toll News : Building

The Design Concept : “The client’s brief for a new toll canopy to the south of the Forth Road Bridge on the A90 northbound carriageway was for a pragmatic armature with integrated signage to facilitate electronic tolling and to shelter toll operators in the often inclement weather. Given that the new canopy had to stand 10 metres tall, we took these simple requirements and raised its architectural presence. Expressed as a prismatic form, the new Toll Canopy contrasts the magnificent engineering of the 2 bridges.”

Words Reiach and Hall Architects

Forth Road Bridge Toll Forth Bridge Toll Forth Road Bridge Forth Road Bridge building

The Client’s Response : “Prior to appointing the architects, I really struggled to imagine what shape would fit in at the Forth. I had seen toll canopies in America, France and Italy and had a close look at the M6Toll and Severn bridges but nothing would fit in against the backdrop of two of the worlds most famous bridges.

I’m impressed with the simplicity and pragmatism of the design which, at the same time, manages to minimise its visual impact from the North and yet provide an ideal structure to house the signs giving guidance to motorists approaching from the south.

The lines of the canopy compliment the geometric shapes found in the road bridge. From the clients perspective this has been a challenging project. Twelve million vehicles a year pass through the toll plaza and we required to create a new toll plaza with minimum disruption in preparation for the introduction of electronic tolling!

This involved excavations for foundations to the new toll islands and canopy followed by erection of structural steelwork in modules which would individually remain stable at all states of construction. By adopting a flexible construction plan able to accommodate the peak flow traffic periods this project was delivered with minimum delay to our customers.”

Words Alastair Andrew, Bridgemaster, Forth Road Bridge

Exclusive Forth Road Bridge images from Reiach and Hall Architects: 8 Sep 2006

Toll Plaza at the Forth Road Bridge, Edinburgh
for FETA – Forth Estuary Transport Authority

Our Toll Canopy and new extension to the existing Administration building forms part of the wider redevelopment of the Toll Plaza situated to the south of the Forth Road Bridge on the A90 north bound carriageway. The replacement Toll Plaza – defined by a new toll canopy with integrated signage – incorporates state of the art computing and toll software hubs housed in the new extension to the Administration Building. Toll collection efficiency will be vastly improved allowing a greater through capacity to be achieved.

Completion: 2006

Forth Road Toll – Reiach and Hall Architects: PR 8 Sep 2006

Photos: 26 Jul 2006

Forth Road Bridge Toll Forth Road Toll Forth Road Toll
images © Adrian Welch

Site Photos: 30 Mar 2006

Forth Road Bridge Toll Forth Road Bridge Toll
images © Adrian Welch

Exclusive Forth Road Bridge images: 24 Sep 2004

Forth Road Bridge: New Toll + Admin Extension
Reiach and Hall Architects have just successfully gained planning permission for a new Toll Booth Canopy and extension to the Administration Building sited on the southern approach to the Forth Road Bridge.

Forth Road Bridge, Scotland
Forth Road Bridge: FETA Admin Building by Reiach and Hall Architects
The unique steel and expanded metal Canopy stands alone straddling the southern carriageway.

Forth Road Bridge, Lothian Forth Road Bridge Scotland
Toll Canopy by Reiach and Hall Architects

Dark blue/black brick and glass form the new extension to the existing FETA (Forth Estuary Transport Authority) administration building. This new single storey, courtyard building provides additional FETA admin offices, a boardroom and new public toilets.

The Forth Road Bridge is 2.5km long woth 156m high concrete H-frame towers and is almost parallel with the world-famous Forth Rail Bridge to the east.

Forth Rail Bridge
Sir John Fowler & Sir Benjamin Baker 1883-90

New Forth Road Bridge
The Forth Estuary Transport Authority presented the results of a feasibility study in Jun 2004 for a second Forth Road Bridge. The proposed structure would be 2.2km long with 185m high towers and support a central span of 1375m making it the world’s sixth longest bridge span.

Forth Road Bridge

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh

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