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Guide for making a leather top hat for women – process

9 July 2021

Leather top hats are the new fashion statement among women nowadays. Many women prefer to wear a hat made of leather to match it with their favorite costume or use it as an accessory with casuals. When it comes to wearing a hat, the biggest adventure is to make one yourself rather than purchasing it.

Guide for making a leather top hat for women

Although, creating a hat yourself is time-consuming and requires patience. Yet, you will realize that it was worth all the pain once it is ready. Before you go ahead with making a top leather hat, it is mandatory to go through all the instructions for the DIY project. You must learn all the basic skills of working with leather before making a womens top hat.

A step by step guide for making a leather top hat for women

Prerequisites of making a leather hat

Before starting your journey of making a leather hat, you must learn few basic skills as follows

  • To compare different kinds of leather finishes.
  • The skill of making folds in the leather
  • The art of dying the material in different colors
  • The use of tools to cut the leather into small pieces
  • Preparing the material for sewing

The skill of using needles and thread to sew leather

Create a sample

The first step in creating a DIY leather hat is to choose a design suitable for women from the ones available on the internet. After you have selected an appropriate plan, the next step is to print two copies of the pattern. One of the printed patterns must be cut and put together as a sample for demonstration. You will use the other one for tracing on the leather.

It is necessary to understand the different parts of a hat- crown, brim, and top. The sample that you create must be of the accurate size. Your leather hat will be a clone of your demonstration, and some leather materials are likely to shrink. Therefore it is necessary to take measurements before making the sample.

Materials required

Before making your leather hat make sure that you have all the tools required for cutting and shaping your material; get hold of a pair of gloves as dyeing the letter will create a lot of mess. Other materials include leather sewing needles, scissors, hole punch, waxed thread, and glue to do the sticking. Dyes are available in many colors. However, it is better to opt for oil dye and seal the hat with an acrylic sealer.

Once the materials are handy, it is time to get started

Step 1 – trace and cut the pattern

Once you begin to work on the leather, the first step is to trace the pattern on the material. It is sensible to use some tape to prevent the sample from shaking and drawing it accurately. Some of the leather materials have a difference in texture on two different sides. You will be using the rough area to cut out the pattern and do it together.

Step 2 – punch holes

Once all the pieces are cut according to the pattern, the next step is to punch the hole. If you are a fresher in making a top hat, you can create false stitch marks with the help of a sharp object, thereby enabling you to punch in a straight line. Some people count the number to make holes. It is sensible to use a hammer and a hole punch for the spots, thereby minimizing strain on your hands.

Step 3 – stitch the pieces together

It would help if you did the stitching of the hat inside out to cover the seam on the top. The first step is to sew the crown. You must use a heavy-duty thread for stitching. People who are new in the field of stitching must wear it to check the size. After the crown is ready, the next thing you will attach is the top. Make sure to stitch around the top twice to strengthen it.

Steps 4 – flip the leather

The next step is to turn the material around after doing the back seam and untying the knot. The next important thing to do is submit the semi-ready hat into the water for a few minutes. Make sure not to put too much strain on the leather to prevent wrinkle marks on the material. Once the leather is wet, you can fold it to get the desired shape.

Step 5 – stitch the brim

Once the crown is dry, the next step is to stitch it back again with the help of cross stitches to make it look attractive. Attaching the brim to the crown is the toughest of all in making a hat. You must ensure that you do not miss out on any holes while punching and double-stitch the material to make your hat last longer. After stitching the brim, it is necessary to give it the desired shape in the same way as you did for the crown.

Making a leather heart requires some time and effort, but nothing is better than making your hat after choosing from thousands of styles available. First, however, you must ensure that the top hat is of an appropriate size and shape because that plays a crucial role in deciding the outcome.

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