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How To Check The Quality Of Rattan Sofa Sets

24 Sep 2020

How To Check The Quality Of Rattan Sofa Sets

How To Check The Quality Of Rattan Sofa Sets Before You Purchase Them

Many rattan sofa sets are hardwearing, especially if you purchase them from a reliable manufacturer. You can also get these furniture sets in stunning colours, such as white, cream, and green. However, it doesn’t mean you should purchase any rattan sofa set you can find. You need to consider the quality of the furniture set before you bring it home.

Therefore, continue reading to know four tips to help you check the quality of rattan sofa sets.

Natural VS Synthetic

The options for rattan sofa sets are seemingly infinite. Take, for example, the Garden Centre Shopping rattan sofas–here, you can choose among different sofa sets, including those with storages, tables, and canopies. These selections might make it difficult for you to choose the best rattan sofa set to bring home. But, you can narrow your searches by thinking about the base rattan material and its origins. In other words, you should choose between natural or synthetic rattan.

Note that natural or synthetic rattan has a ‘springy’ construction, making it more comfortable than its synthetic counterpart. However, natural rattan might have inconsistent weaving. This inconsistency might make the material less durable than the synthetic option. On the other hand, synthetic rattan tends to have a construction made from different materials, which may include natural rattan and solid resin. This composite allows the pieces of furniture to have durability levels that might be ten times sturdier than the natural variant.

Note that both natural and synthetic rattan sofa sets have high-quality options on the market. But, your final selection might depend on your preference for comfort and durability.

Check The Weaving Or Wrapping

You can also check for the quality of rattan sofa sets by inspecting their weaving or wrapping. Remember, this material can complement other designs if it has clean-looking weaves or wraps.

Poor-quality rattan sofas and other pieces of furniture in the set may have weaving or wrapping seemingly tearing away from their frames. This trait might be apparent if you shop for sofa sets in physical stores. However, problems may surface if you buy rattan sofa sets from an online shop. It’s because you won’t be able to see the furniture in person, which means you can’t check their construction with your two eyes.

You can bypass this predicament by looking at online reviews. Hence, only purchase your rattan furniture from a trusted brand or retailer. You’ll know you’re buying the rattan sofa set from a trustworthy shop if it has several positive reviews under its wing.

Test The Tension

As per the Rattan Sofa Sets Shop, owning rattan sofa sets is a pleasure. But, that pleasure might turn to annoyance, frustration, and, perhaps, disgust if the furniture can’t support your weight. Thus, it’s essential to test the tension of the pieces of furniture in the set to check each item’s quality.

Test the furniture’s tension by pressing both the palms flat on its back. If you feel a significant amount of resistance from the material, that piece of furniture may have high tension. However, if the material bends relatively easily under the slightest amount of pressure, consider looking for other rattan sofa sets. With that in mind, you might want to check if the rattan sofa set has a warranty. This guarantee helps give you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to spend extra cash if the pieces of furniture in the set fail to live up to high-quality standards.

Consider The Frame

Rattan sofas can beautify gardens. However, these pieces of furniture may stick out like sore thumbs if their frames look damaged, rotten, rusted, or destroyed. Therefore, don’t forget to check the rattan furniture’s frame if it has a high-quality construction or not.

Note that rattan furniture tends to have two types of frames: aluminium or steel. The former tends to be highly resistant against rust. Also, aluminium is quite inexpensive, which makes rattan sofa sets with aluminium frames ideal for buyers with a strict budget. Conversely, steel tends to carry a more expensive price tag than the aluminium variant. However, this material tends to be more susceptible to rust and discolouration if left without proper care and maintenance. But, steel tends to be more durable than aluminium, making it excellent for long-term use.

So, which frame material should you choose? You can opt for steel frames because of their high durability levels. However, keep in mind that you need to give this material extra love and care as opposed to maintaining aluminium frames.

Check quality of Rattan Sofa Sets furniture

To Summarise

Consider the tips mentioned above to help you check the quality of rattan sofa sets before buying them. Remember, you need to check the weaving, tension, and accessories, to name a few of the many essential factors to consider. If you’re not in a dire hurry, take the time in comparing and contrasting different options. That way, you can purchase a sofa set that’s going to be worth your time, money, and effort.

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