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How to Decide If It’s Better to Extend or Move to a New House

4 May 2021

The decision to move to a new house is not always about the need to change location. Sometimes, it is just about the need for something bigger, better, and more satisfactory.

How to decide if best to extend or move house

To meet this need, many homeowners have a dilemma. They have a hard time figuring out if they should move or simply extend their current home.

Well, the truth is that there are certain things you should consider before you take either of these decisions. This article intends to help you make the right decision by discussing some of the things you have to figure out. But first, let us explain the various options available for you.

How to decide if best to extend or move house – 4 Housing Options

As a current homeowner who wants a better accommodation, there are 4 viable options you can take advantage of. These options include the following:

Custom Homes

You can simply refer to this option as tailor-made to meet the demands of the owners/occupants. As with every bespoke commodity, it is a lot more expensive than other options. As a result, people who are on a limited budget may have to strike out this option. However, it is usually worth it for those that eventually go for it.

Project Homes

This is a very common option seen around. This option is a lot cheaper than custom’s expectedly is not designed to meet all of the occupant’s needs. So, there will be certain boxes that this option does not tick.

Kit Homes

Speaking of cost-effective housing options, kit homes are top of the chart. Not only do they cost a lot less, having them installed is not a big deal. However, you have to be certain that your choice of this home is appropriate for you.

For instance, kit homes are not as durable as the other options. As a result, their resale value is a lot less than others. For more on the disadvantages and advantages of kit homes, you can visit:

Renovation by Extension

Other than moving to a new custom, project, or kit home, some people try to make major adjustments to their current location. The intent for this could be to extend it and have it become more satisfactory for them.

The decision to go down this route or move completely to a new home should be determined by some factors.

How to decide if best to extend or move house factors to consider

Factors to consider before making a decision:

The following should help you arrive at the right decision between extending your home and moving to another:

Time Factor

Generally, timing is very important in the business of buying and selling properties. This is because prices can go up (or down) very quickly. So, you need to be very decisive.

Having established this, timing should play a major role in the decision to get a new home or extend the current one. If your decision is a custom home, you should understand that you need time for the home design expert and construction company to erect your property.

The same also applies to renovation. However, the extent of the extension can help determine which you should go for in this regard. Again depending on the type of renovation being done, you may not have issues living in the current building even while the extension is still ongoing.

Project and kit homes on the other hand are time-friendly options. All things being equal, they are such that you can move in on time.

Regulations by Government and Housing Association

Extending your current property may not be so easy in some locations. This is because you may need to ensure that regulations in your location do not forbid the kind of house work you have in mind.

In some places, you may have to get special permits from appropriate government bodies or/and the housing authority. Just make sure you are not violating the law in any way. If the law is against an extension, you should consider moving.


This is a very important factor to consider. As explained above, some options are more costly than others if you choose to move.

So, if you are low on a budget, you should rule out the custom option. If you are all out for a very cost-effective one, you should consider kit homes.

In the case of extensions, there are issues to consider. The cost of an extension is determined by how much of the property you want extended and other factors. For the most part, construction companies in this business charge clients based on the square meter.

If your extension is so much, you might want to consider moving as the cost can be around the same thing.


You can only extend your current location if you have space around your property. An extension is impossible in the absence of this. So, people who do not have space around their current property are left with no other choice than to move elsewhere.

Furthermore, even those that have space around their property have to be cautious of certain things. Some of these will include government regulatory demands.

For instance, you may need a regulatory clearance or approval if you are extending over a drainage, gutter, or anywhere near an exterior electrical installation. Aside from getting the clearance, the construction company needs to be very cautious.

People who do not want to go through all of these troubles will have to settle for custom, project, or kit homes.

Whichever of these options you choose, you need to ensure you end up in a better home than your previous one. You can visit here for more information on how to go about this.

How to decide if best to extend or move house – Final Note

Deciding between extending their current accommodation or moving to a new place is a difficult decision for many people. We have tried to help you make the right decision by discussing factors that should help you arrive at the right choice. We hope that you make an informed decision based on the information here.

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