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How to prepare for your wedding?

22 Oct 2020

This time, for sure, you are getting married! It remains to make a celebration in the image of romantic couple. So when and where to start? Here are the steps!

How to prepare for your wedding couple photographer

Wedding Prep Guide

Today, each wedding is a little unique because couples can be very different. The bride and groom should therefore feel free to have fun and not get locked into ‘must’.

If you’ve always dreamed of a vintage car, rent it, otherwise forget; if you can’t imagine the party without a ‘wedding cake’, treat yourself, but if you find ridiculous to applaud a cake, don’t do it … If you like sugared almonds, plan them, but if not, nothing is compulsory. You have to be yourself above all!

The choice to celebrate a marriage does not therefore oblige you to tick all the boxes imposed by social conventions and those which also dictate to you “the industry of the marriage” for which you are initially a beautiful “market”.

The first question to ask yourself together – because any choice will now be made as a couple – is therefore to know what you both want to experience: an intimate wedding in a special place, a real fairy tale, a mega party with friends. … What do you want to do mainly on this day which will remain marked for you with a white stone?

Take the time to talk about it at length in order to organize the event that suits you both in depth. What do we expect from this day? What meaning do we want to give it? What traditions, family, social do we want to keep or not?

Where can we do that?

Do you know which wedding you want? The first thing to do is choose the location. The advice is to go about “M (month) -15” from the eventual date of marriage. So early? Eh yes! because reception venues are often reserved 12 to 24 months in advance. It varies a bit depending on the region.
In some very popular regions like Birmingham, you have to book two years in advance. If you are getting married in Birmingham, for example, you should prepare everything well in advance. That includes contacting the wedding photographers in Birmingham to select the suitable one.


This research should therefore be scheduled before even setting the wedding day. Unless you opt for a place belonging to the family of one or the other, or that you choose to celebrate your wedding in winter – which can be very cool and has some cost advantages. You can also opt for a weekday wedding, without forgetting to take into account the constraints of those you particularly want to see present that day: parents, relatives, witnesses, etc. For your info, in some big cities like Birmingham, the weekday wedding is quite popular.

Define your region well and go hunting. This research in cities like Birmingham can be laborious, but it is pleasant to visit and compare together to get to know the tastes of the other better. This choice stopped, put an option, and let’s go to the countdown!

Think about making yourself happy before you want to please others, it’s not selfish!

Again, this is not selfish, but it is to refocus on the meaning of the event. You get married first because you love each other, not to please your family and friends. And on this day, the guests will be mostly happy if they see the happy couple.

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So plan several long evenings to discuss all this together. Even if you have known each other for a long time, this will allow you to have an in-depth dialogue and to better discover your differences. To do this, avoid setting a date too quickly! You can thus take a step back to define your project and not come under pressure from families too quickly.

Formalize, but how?

Why not an engagement? They are coming back in fashion, the big stars are using them, so why not you? You can be proud to already put a ring on your finger! This can allow you to organize a more in-depth meeting of your two families – as they will now be a part of your lives.

But you can also celebrate for two, in the strictest privacy. Then again, feel free to experience whatever is convenient for you: this is not a rehearsal of the wedding and better a good mood and love than big expense.

All this remains in the private domain: no engagement celebration is compulsory in our country to get married, at the town hall or at the church, even if there is a fairly simple rite of blessing offered by the Church to couples who want it.
You make a “promise of marriage” to each other but nothing legally binds you yet. Without being a killjoy, remember that as long as you have not said “yes” in front of the mayor, you can therefore give up and break up. Hence the importance of continuing to talk both about your marriage project in parallel with the material aspects.

How about a budget?

First exercise to do together: define your budget and the list of your guests. Note that we generally estimate the cost per guest, which leaves you the choice to vary the number of guests and the cost per person to arrive at the final budget. To give you an idea, online sites offer simulations. If your wedding is going to be in Birmingham, a site like can give you the best solution.

In general, there are several options to reduce costs: you can ask relatives to actively participate in the preparation; wedding decoration, entertainment, music, photos, even buffet and meals, etc. However, make sure things are done right to avoid disappointment.

Finally, today there are collaborative solutions that allow you to rent or share to get married without breaking the bank. There again, be yourself: If you don’t want to spend several thousand dollars in a wedding dress, go and see the consignment stores. If you find it a shame to spend too much on invitations that will fit in the trash, find a cheap solution on the internet.

May your wedding be a wonderful experience for the rest of your life.

Comments on this guide to how to prepare for your wedding tips article are welcome.

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