How to use Lobbytrack and Eventleaf to manage your hybrid workplace guide, Track event attendees advice

How to use Lobbytrack and Eventleaf for hybrid workplace

23 March 2022

Lobbytrack and Eventleaf make it easy to keep track of attendees and manage your event’s check-in procedure. A brief overview of how to get started with each platform is included below.

How to use Lobbytrack and Eventleaf?

How to use Lobbytrack and Eventleaf to manage your hybrid workplace?


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. To begin, choose “Create New Event” and provide the necessary details. 2.
  3. Decide on the kind of event and the start date and hour.
  4. Enter the date, time, and location of your event, as well as the number of attendees expected.
  5. Your event’s flyer or picture may be uploaded here.
  6. If necessary, create ticket kinds and their associated prices.
  7. The event’s URL should be shared with your attendees.


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. After clicking on “Create New Event,” you’ll be prompted to provide the necessary information.
  3. The start date and hour for your event are determined by the event type.
  4. Your event’s location and capacity should be included here as well.
  5. Your event’s flyer or picture may be uploaded here.
  6. Set up a check-in area and staff it.
  7. Assign check-in stations to visitors.
  8. Customize the welcome message and the waiver form for your event.
  9. Name tags may be printed up and distributed to your visitors.
  10. Provide your attendees with a link to your event’s URL.

What is the relationship between Lobbytrack and Eventleaf?

It is possible to utilize both Eventleaf and Lobbytrack alone or in combination. Eventleaf and Lobbytrack work together to keep track of attendance and handle check-in and check-out procedures during events.

If Eventleaf and Lobbytrack are used together, what are the advantages?

Complete event management may be achieved by combining Eventleaf with Lobbytrack. Using both Eventleaf and Lobbytrack, event planners may receive a full view of their attendance and better manage their affairs.

Eventleaf and Lobbytrack are excellent solutions if you’re searching for a means to simplify your event planning and administration. To assist you with the planning and execution of your event, Eventleaf provides a full toolkit. There is also a comprehensive visitor management system provided by Lobbytrack that makes it simple to track and manage visitors during an event. Be sure to check out Eventleaf and Lobbytrack if you’re searching for a better method to stay on top of things. A mobile event app from Eventleaf enables attendees to RSVP, browse timetables, and get reminders about upcoming events.

Lobbytrack is a fantastic internet resource for keeping tabs on the legislative process. Legislative legislation, vote records, and lawmakers’ contact information may all be found on this site. If you’re interested in participating in the political process in your state or district, this makes it simple to do so.

  • With Lobbytrack, you can:
  • Find out who your representatives are.
  • Keep an eye on the expenses.
  • Keep tabs on your representatives’ votes
  • Write to your representatives.

If you’re interested in learning more about the political process, Lobbytrack is an excellent resource. Keeping tabs on who arrives and exits from your company is critical if you’re in charge of it. Using an electronic visitor sign in system might make this a lot easier for you to achieve your goals. A system like this has a number of advantages, such as the following:

  • You’ll always know who’s on your property. In terms of security, it’s critical.
  • In addition, you will be able to see when and who is visiting your place of business. Customers and prospective prospects may benefit from this information.
  • For marketing reasons or in case of an emergency, you’ll have a list of all visitors.
  • You may tailor an electronic guest sign in system to suit your individual requirements.
  • This kind of technology is generally highly user-friendly.
  • In the long term, they may save you both time and money.

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