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The Importance of Casino Architecture

21 Jan 2021

Importance of Casino architecture Las Vegas

If you are a regular Polish player at land-based casinos, you already know that there is a standard school of casino architecture. While the design and décor will change, the overall casino architecture has a lot of similarities.

Guest author Jacek Michałski looks at the importance of casino architecture and why casino operators invest so much into architecture and design. To find out more about Jacek Michałski, click here.

Casino Architecture

All casinos, no matter how grandiose or rundown, use the same design elements. Think of plush carpets, high ceilings, velvet ropes, glamorous concierge areas, and specific zones for table games or slots.

Since we know that casinos are businesses geared for profit, it is no surprise that these elements are chosen specifically to make the casinos money. The real question is how these elements combine to produce that effect.

The psychology of casinos and casino designs is quite simple. These design elements were chosen because they produce an atmosphere that is conducive for gambling. If you think about all the fun times you’ve had gambling, you’ll notice that you had so much fun that you weren’t able to keep track of time. Casino architecture plays a large role in this.

Casinos that have great design and architecture include The Venetian in Las Vegas and The Palazzo.

Here are our top three ways on how casinos use architecture to keep the action going:

Large, open spaces between gaming zones

Have you ever wondered why casinos are so huge? This can be quite puzzling to the layperson, especially given how compact the actual gaming areas are.

One big reason why casino design requires huge open spaces is to make it inconvenient for punters to spend time checking out the sights.

If you have ever played at any major casino, you’re already well acquainted with this weird phenomenon: you are aware that the casino you’re playing at has tons of great sights to see or activities you can do aside from gambling, but you’ve never seen or experienced any of them.

Casinos design their spaces to incentivize you to think that way. You go to a casino that advertises cool new music acts. On your way to the theatre, you see a gaming zone for slots. You plan on playing a few spins before heading to the concert, so you go check out the slots line-up.

All of a sudden, you become aware that the concert is starting soon but decide to play anyway because you found the slot game more interesting.

This is especially true with the Polish market as Poles love their slot games and will often take time off from their day to play their favourite slot games. Polish players who prefer to play online can find great slot friendly casinos at

Specific gaming zones

Given how large the actual floor space of casinos is, you might wonder why casinos pack together with their games in such tight configurations.

The answer to this is quite simple. The less inconvenient it is for you to get to a game, the more likely it is for you to try out that game. Similar games are hosted close together because many punters favour a particular game type. If you enjoy slots, it isn’t hard for the casino to tempt you with more slots if they are close by.

Gaming zones work by removing all the impediments that might prevent you from playing your game. Once you enter a gaming zone, it’s like you enter a different world. You are like a kid in a candy store.

The less time you spend on non-gaming activities inside a casino, the more likely it is that you play their games – which means more money for the house.

Subtle relaxation elements

Casinos use relaxing elements such as fountains and imagery of trees to induce a calm mood to the environment. Think of how many casinos use plants and bodies of water as key aspects of their location. The reason for this is that these images evoke relaxing memories of vacations, which helps punters relax and spend more at the gaming tables.

You will also note that, despite the obvious beauty and grandeur of many casinos, it’s rare for punters to actually stop and marvel at the sights. This is because the beauty of these elements are not meant for you to stop and marvel – instead, they function more like a background to what casinos want you to pay attention to, which are the casino games.

These elements are not meant to induce sustained reflection like a challenging piece of art. They are, by design, quite bland. They are there to make you feel like you are somewhere else, like a vacation, which gets you in the mood to gamble.

Importance of Casino architecture 2021

Importance of Casino Architecture Conclusion

Enjoy the sights and sounds of land-based casinos and the luxury that they offer. However, always keep a watch on your bankroll to ensure that you don’t go overboard.

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