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Is It Worth It to Have a Triple Glazing?

27 April 2023

Is Triple Glazing worth it? Installing windows

Installing windows with three glass panes is becoming more frequent, but homeowners must still be persuaded that the benefits outweigh the additional costs. Some who adhere to this idea believe that it is less about aesthetics and practicality and that those who construct their own homes should think about putting triple glazing for the same reason they put in underfloor heating: it is better.

Why would someone who currently has double-glazed windows choose to spend an additional about 20% for windows that have three layers of glass? While weighing the advantages of triple glazing, here are some considerations to remember.

What Does Triple Glazing Mean?

Triple glazing comprises three glass panes that are sealed inside a single frame. Between the glasses, air or argon insulates against sound and warmth. A third glass pane midway between the exterior and interior windows creates two airtight compartments, increasing double glazing’s energy savings by 50%.

The gas or air used in the gap between the glass panes, the heated border spacer bars that ring the edge, and the glass coating all significantly impact overall performance. Therefore, utilising insulated frames with an extremely high rating would be best.

How Much Is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing costs 10–20% more than double glazing. The price of triple-glazed windows may range from £660 to £4,320 per window on average due to the wide variety of available customisation choices. You may have your house converted to triple glazing.

What Are the Advantages of Triple Glazing?

Is Triple Glazing worth it? Installing windows

Comfort matters. If you insulate a home’s floor, roof, and walls but ignore the glazing, chilly patches around the windows at night produce draughts, steal heat from you if you sit near them, and drip moisture down the panes.

The glass must match the insulation throughout the structure to keep the home warm.

  • Reduced condensation risk: Internal condensation is reduced by triple-glazed windows because they preserve heat within the structure and prevent cold exterior temperatures from interacting with heated air. Internal condensation is caused mainly by high humidity levels.
  • Reduced noise and acoustic performance: Double-glazed windows may attain an Rw32 acoustic performance, but triple glazing can boost it to the low 40s, making a difference on a busy road.
  • Thermal comfort levels: While double-glazed windows are acceptable, triple-glazed windows are more pleasant since they retain heat more effectively. In a room heated to 21°C, the surface temperature of a double-glazed window is 16°C, while a triple-glazed window may give 18°C.

Is Triple Glazing worth it – Conclusion

To reap the benefits of triple glazing, you must first overcome the possible costs, which can be pricey. But, the advantages will be seen almost immediately and be tangible after installation:

  • Draughts will be substantially reduced.
  • Condensation will be a past occurrence.
  • Your house will be adequately insulated.
  • Your energy bills will start to drop.

Is Triple Glazing worth it? Installing windows

Because of the lower energy bills, you may be able to recover some of the actual expenses of having the windows put in, but it will likely take several years to recoup the whole amount. But, installing triple glazing is a beautiful way to attract potential buyers, which may help you increase your house’s value.

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