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Kamado BBQ: Start the Grilling Season Decently!

12 March 2022

Grilling season is just around the corner! Who doesn’t love to spend time outside on a hot day
with people who matter most? We know that as much as we all love grilling, it can be a pain to
find the right equipment and space. That’s why this article is going to be all about Kamado BBQs!

Kamado BBQ: start the grilling season

What are Kamado BBQs?

A Kamado is similar to an outdoor oven. It’s made of ceramic and powered by charcoal, wood,
or gas, so it’s not dependent on electricity. The Kamado sits on top of a base that contains the
fuel and cool-down; you can use wood, charcoal, natural lump charcoal, or anything that suits
your fancy. They are very compact and portable, so if you’re an avid traveler or just need to find
a space in your backyard to tuck it away without taking up too much space, this is the perfect
option for you.

What’s so great (and different) about Kamado BBQs?

Once again, they’re similar to traditional grills, but they allow you to cook with indirect heat! That
means you can cook perfect meat and seafood right off the grill that’s not dried out like on other
grills. And unlike traditional grills, kamado bars are built for the American barbecue style, with a
strict altitude restriction of no more than 500 feet. They’re also meant to be cooked at
temperatures below 275 degrees Fahrenheit. (And don’t forget to read the instructions that
come with your Kamado before you use it!)

Who is Kamado Grilling For?

Of course, they’re great if you have a small backyard or patio so you can cook the food right off
the grill without getting burnt. But their crucial audience is outdoor enthusiasts and smokers
alike. They’re ideal for tailgating, camping, and entertaining guests alike. Another huge
advantage is that they’re very durable and pretty easy to maintain. If you’re planning on traveling
with your Kamado, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by rough transportation as
this is a very light, portable product. And the most significant selling point for Kamado Barbecue
is its versatility. You can use them on a large scale by using the natural lump charcoal or gas
grills or on a smaller scale with the electric grills they sell to enjoy your food without any added

Why Kamado Grill?

There are so many reasons, but we’ll try and cover the most important ones:
● They’re great for cooking at low temperatures for long periods, and this allows you to
smoke foods such as brisket, ribs, and more!
● They’re also versatile because they work perfectly with virtually any wood fuel you
● Remember not to use hardwoods or pine needles on your Kamado grill since these will
cause uneven cooking.
● Another one of the best features of Kamado Barbecue is that they’re built to be treated
like an oven.
● With temperatures below 275 degrees every time you cook, you won’t have to worry
about over-cooking your food or leaving it to sit too long.

What Fuel to Choose?

There are many different fuels, but the two most popular options are natural lump charcoal and
wood. Lump charcoal is a bit more effort to set up initially, but you can use it on various food
types. Wood is more accessible to light and heats up pretty quick, but you’ll need to pre-cut your
wood if you want a consistent burn (and this can be done conveniently at home). And if you’re
wondering whether gas is an option for your Kamado grill, read on for our take on the best gas
grills for smokers.


Kamado barbeques are one of the best mobility kamados out there, and they’re great for people
who love to cook outdoors. They’re pretty simple to use, portable and versatile. But of course,
there are tons of options available, so you’ll have to do your research. But we hope that this
overview will help you out!

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