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The most beautiful casinos in the world

29 August 2022

Most beautiful casinos in the world guide

The most beautiful casinos in the world – favorite places of many, but also fantastic architectural achievements

The casino has been around since ancient times and it is a favorite place for many people who like to taste their luck, have fun and potentially win money. Today, it is a multi-million dollar industry that can boast of a large number of users whose number is growing daily. Such places usually exude luxury and a lot of investment and attention was paid to their design, even in smaller casinos. A casino is an exclusive place and many buildings are specially designed for their needs.

Casino design

Many top architects worked on various casino construction projects, and we can say that they did an excellent job in many places. However, some places stand out, which we can say are true masterpieces. Today, new casinos are actively being built, and surely in the future, there will be more casinos that we will be able to include among the most beautiful casinos in the world. If you are a fan of casinos, we believe that sites such as the Casino Hawks website might interest you because there you can find a lot of interesting and useful information related to casinos.

It is very difficult to choose the most beautiful casino, just like any other building, because there is so much to choose from, but beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. Although the choice is large, we have singled out a few casinos that we think are beautiful and architecturally well done.

Casinos we will talk about

  1. Casino Baden
  2. Bellagio Casino Hotel
  3. Casino de Monte Carlo
  4. Genting Casino York Place

Casino Baden

Most beautiful casinos in the world guide

The casino that Marlene Dietrich described as the most beautiful in the world is one of the oldest surviving and is located in the German city of Baden. It was opened in 1748 according to the design of Parisian interior experts and architects, and its rooms are still tourist attractions today, regardless of the gambling facilities. The main playing area covers 3000 m2, and it is interesting that at one time real gold and silver chips were used.

Bellagio Casino Hotel

Most beautiful casinos in the world guide

Bellagio Casino Hotel is a large complex that opened in 1998 in Las Vegas. Bellagio is the most expensive casino in Las Vegas and is worth more than 1.6 billion dollars. In the luxurious gambling halls, there are 200 tables for many gambling games as well as 2,000 of the most beautiful slot machines. Casino Bellagio is known for many restaurants and the famous Cirque du Sjleit show.

Casino de Monte Carlo

Most beautiful casinos in the world guide

A luxurious marble facade, numerous columns, richly decorated rooms, and VIP rooms for privileged people are just some of the things that make this casino elite. Located in Monaco, Casino de Monte Carlo deserves the recognition and admiration of the whole world. Also, 316 modern machines and 35 gaming tables enable good entertainment.

Genting Casino York Place

Most beautiful casinos in the world guide

This casino, unlike the previous ones, is in a traditional style. It is located in Edinburgh, in a street made up of buildings from the 18th century, and is relatively small. It offers only 9 game tables, as well as slot machines. Lovers of traditional buildings will like this casino, we are sure.

Today there are many beautiful buildings that we can admire thanks to many architects who did a fantastic job. Casinos have always been exclusive and beautiful places, and perhaps it is the most difficult to decide on the most beautiful casino considering that there are many beautiful designs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the most beautiful casino is the one you like the most.

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