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Most popular Science channels on YouTube

5 Oct 2020

Most popular Science channels on YouTube

On YouTube, you can find channels on every possible niche. Some channels focus more on the entertainment they can offer to the audience, while others aim to be more educational. The various science YouTube channels are all trying to combine knowledge with entertainment. If you are interested in this niche, take a look at the channels listed below. Once you get inspiration for new content, buy YouTube views to help your videos get to more users.

#1 Vsauce

Subscribers: 15.9 million

Vsauce is without a doubt the most popular science channel on YouTube. The channel’s creator speaks in a very conversational tone. This helps him explain even the most complex scientific ideas in a way that can be easily understood. Some of the channel’s videos feature experiments that show the results, while others are more theoretical. 

#2 Kurgesagt – In a Nutshell

Subscribers: 12.5 million

Kurgesagt means “in a nutshell” in German and explains perfectly what the channel is trying to do. The owners of the channel try to explain the universe and everything in it in small animated videos. The topics range from the space, the environment, the human body, and emotions. The channel’s followers can understand all these complex things in a matter of a few minutes.


Subscribers: 9.38 million

AsapSCIENCE consists of the duo Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. Every week they post videos that try to explain everyday things, like what would happen if you slept 2 hours less every night. Their explanations are all given in the form of hand-drawn animations and are easy to follow. Follow AsapSCIENCE’s example to attract more users interested in science. An easy way to do so is to buy YouTube views and promote your channel on social media.

#4 SmarterEveryDay

Subscribers: 8.46 million

SmarterEveryDay is a channel that focuses more on engineering than theoretical science concepts. Destin Sandlin is an engineer that tries to explain the world around us in a simple way. He shows with practical examples of why things work the way they do. The channel’s videos are both entertaining and educational.

#5 Veritasium

Subscribers: 7.22 million

Veritasium’s content consists of engineering, space, mathematics, and science. It is of high educational value and for this, it has gathered a great number of subscribers. This channel’s videos focus more on challenging the mind of its viewers, rather than simply giving the explanations.

#6 SciShow

Subscribers: 6.34 million

SciShow is the creation of Hank Green, Michael Aranda, and Olivia Gordon. On this channel, they post videos that explain the astonishing things about the environment, animals, and our history. This science channel is one of the few that post new content daily. This is something difficult to maintain, even though you can buy YouTube views to bring traffic to your channel.

#7 minutephysics

Subscribers: 5.1 million

Minutephysics tries to explain complex theoretical ideas and problems with simple animated videos. The explanations are easy to understand the visuals compliment them.

Science is a more demanding niche than others on YouTube, even though it has a dedicated audience. If this is something you are interested in, make sure to study all of the above channels and buy real YouTube views to boost your own.

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