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Calton Old Burial Ground Edinburgh

Historic Buildings + Monuments, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

Calton Old Burial Ground News

The David Hume Mausoleum in Old Calton graveyard has been conserved, thanks to a joint project led by the City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh World Heritage.

David Hume Memorial
photograph © Adrian Welch

The total cost of the project was £5,000, funded by the City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh World Heritage, with kind donations from the Regent, Royal and Carlton Terraces Association and others. Oct 2011

Calton Old Burial Ground

Key Monuments / Buildings:

Hamilton’s Obelisk
Governor’s House by Archibald Elliot (former Edinburgh Gaol)
Memorial to David Hume by Robert Adam

Location: Waterloo Place, New Town

calton hill memorial
photo © Adrian Welch

Calton Old contains the Grave of David Hume, Grave of Robert Stevenson, Martyr’s monument and the American Civil War memorial

The scattered monuments on this hill go a long way to earning Edinburgh the sobriquet of Athens of the North. I have never been keen on cities trying to impress by referring to another but in this case there are strong historical reasons why this came about.

For an explanation could read Charles McKean’s Guide to Edinburgh Architecture but in short almost every building here dates from the Scottish Enlightenment and the ubiquitous Greek, and principally Acropolis, references symbolised erudition.

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Hamilton's Obelisk David Hume Memorial Edinburgh Graveyards Calton Old Burial Ground
photographs © Adrian Welch

If you return here to the centre along Waterloo Place (hugely expensive ‘bridge’ from 1815), visit the Calton Old Burial Ground on the left. Here there is Hamilton’s Obelisk to Political Martyrs and Robert Adam‘s Memorial to David Hume, 1777, and Bridewell.

Robert Adam Monument
photograph © Adrian Welch

To the East of the enclosure sits the Governor’s House, Archibald Elliot (architect of nearby Waterloo Place), 1817, the only remaining part of the huge Calton Gaol that was replaced by St Andrew’s House. Sir Rowand Anderson referred to this House as a toy castle on account of its fake battlements, but for many it adds to the romanticism of valley and hill.

Archibald Elliot 1760-1823
involved at Stobo Castle, Monteviot House and The Haining, all in the Borders.

Governor's House Calton Gaol Waterloo Place Robert Adam's Memorial
photographs © Adrian Welch

Calton Burial Ground

Calton Hill

View looking west towards Calton Old Burial Ground:
st. andrew's stair tower
image © Adrian Welch

Calton Old Burial Ground context : Edinburgh New Town


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