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Blocks of Flats prepared for demolition:

Sighthill Housing Sighthill Housing Edinburgh Sighthill Blocks of Flats Sighthill Housing

Sighthill Housing

Broomview Court demolished on Sunday 21 Sep 2008

Sighthill Flats Sighthill Flats Edinburgh Broomview Court
images © Adrian Welch

Broomview House was an 11 storey tower block in Sighthill, Edinburgh. It was the only slab block on the estate, the other 3 high rises on the estate being towers.

Approved in 1965, construction on the 46m tall building was carried out by Crudens Ltd. The building contained 95 flats. As a housing stock transfer was rejected in December 2005, Broomview House was confirmed to have no future in The City of Edinburgh Council’s long term plans. Residents were slowly being rehoused throughout 2007 and it was the first building to be demolished in the notorious housing scheme. The regeneration is expected to cost around £60m. It was demolished on the 21st September 2008 by Safedem Ltd.

For nearly 50 years, the West Edinburgh skyline was dominated by four high-rise residential tower blocks – Broomview House, Glenalmond Court, Hermiston Court and Weir Court. The first of these was demolished in 2008 with the other three blocks following three years later.

All of the remaining tower blocks and low-rise council-built properties have been demolished to make way for new lower level social housing.

Napier Expansion site – buildings under demolition:
Napier Sighthill Napier Expansion
pictures © Adrian Welch

Sighthill Health Centre
Date built: 1953
Sighthill Health Centre Sighthill Health Centre Sighthill Health Centre
photo © Adrian Welch

Stevenson College

Stevenson College Edinburgh
photo © Adrian Welch

Napier University Campus
Dates built: 2009-11
Napier University Campus
image from the architects
Sighthill Building

Scottish Architecture

Telford Road Granton Housing

Lasswade Road Housing
Lasswade Road Housing
image © Keith Hunter

Donaldsons College
Donaldsons College
photo © Andrew Lee

Edinburgh Housing

Scottish Capital Building Designs

Scottish Capital Property Designs – recent architectural selection below:

Edinburgh Home Demonstrator Project
Greendykes net zero affordable housing
image courtesy of EHDP
Edinburgh Home Demonstrator Project

Rowanbank Gardens Edinburgh Property
Rowanbank Gardens Double Height Apartment interior
image courtesy of Artisan Real Estate
Rowanbank Gardens Edinburgh Housing

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